MAFS star reveals major 'editing fail' for Jesse and Claire: 'Exact same'

Selina Chhaur has shared her thoughts on season ten.

Former Married At First Sight bride Selina Chhaur has pointed out a major 'editing fail' in the new season of the reality show.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle about season ten, the fan favourite participant admits she’s been watching the show with a brand new perspective after starring in last year’s season.

MAFS' Selina Chhaur.
MAFS' Selina Chhaur has pointed out a major 'editing fail' in the new season of the reality show. Photo

“I have to watch it now with a different lens because going through it is completely different,” she shares. “And now I feel like I've got ears for like, ‘Oh they just snipped that part there, that feels like a copy and paste’.”

Selina went on to share that one major example of the show’s “magic editing skills” happened during Tuesday night’s episode when newlyweds Claire and Jesse were packing for their honeymoon in the Whitsundays.

Claire was shown asking her new husband a number of questions about his life, with Jesse repeatedly shutting her down. However, Selina questions whether Jesse’s negative responses were “copied and pasted” in post-production


“She asked, ‘Do you want to whistle your favourite song?’ and he was like, ‘Yeah, no’. And then she asked another question and that ‘Yeah, no’ was the exact same,” she points out. “So they just copied and pasted him saying the same thing.

“I don't think he was just constantly saying it, but they just made it seem like he was constantly saying ‘Yeah, no’.

“I really didn't like the way they made her seem like she was over the top or too much, because I felt like I had that edit at my wedding,” Selina continues. “I feel like she's quite bubbly and out there and she seems like me, like if I get nervous or if the room is really quiet I like to fill in those gaps.”

MAFS' Clare and Jesse.
Selina believes Jesse's soundbite about Clare was 'copied and pasted'. Photo: Channel Nine

'I'm intrigued'

With the new season well underway, Selina says she’s really enjoying watching this year’s brides and grooms so far.

“I do feel like there are some storylines that are a little bit of a rinse and repeat of past seasons and past storylines, but so far I'm intrigued,” she remarks.

“I love Tahnee and Ollie, they’re so cute, and I love Sandy. It’s awesome seeing there’s more diversity. I just love how she embraces her culture and she went all out in the traditional fit and she had the henna. I love all that and that should be shown more on television and become normalised.

“For me, that's such an inspiration, I wish I was more like that. She was just so brave to come out against her family and go against the grain and just follow her heart. I have to really commend someone like that, and you can tell she's really in it for the right reasons.”

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