MAFS' major editing fail during intruder wedding

The fail occurred during Married At First Sight's first intruder wedding.

This year's season of MAFS is well and truly underway, with the show airing its two intruder weddings on Monday night, however, there was one surprise moment that may prove fans' theories on whether or not producers create drama for the contestants. During Tayla Winter and Huge Armstrong's wedding, viewers noticed the man walking the bride down the aisle appeared to be wearing an earpiece in his left ear.

The alleged earpiece was only visible for a short period of time when he turned his head and then when he was filmed walking on his left side for a second or two.

MAFS' Tayla and Hugo wedding
During MAFS' Tayla Winter and Huge Armstrong's wedding, viewers noticed the man walking the bride down the aisle was wearing an earpiece in his left ear. Photo: Nine

It's unknown why the man would need an earpiece, but they are often used when producers need to give instructions during filming.


It wasn't the only thing that had people talking from Tayla and Hugo's wedding, with fans left surprised by the bride's vows that were about herself, rather than her marriage.

"Just a little heads up about me: I can be explosive," she said. "My first and biggest trigger is this: I can't bear the thought of my partner not defending me in public, even if they don't agree with my words and actions, I'm happy to have a discussion privately if they don't agree with me, but I really need my partner to stand by me."

Many fans were surprised to hear the difference in Hugo and Tayla's vows, with some saying the bride is a 'red flag'. Photo: Nine

She continued: "Secondly, I have always had a problem with authority, and I don't like being told what to do, so I'm hoping as my husband you wouldn't presume to tell me what to do. Let's hope these aren't points of contention for us.

"Loyalty is very important to me, let's see where this takes us."

Hugo told the cameras: "She seems like she's going to be a bit of a handful, but also she's got that spark, she seems like a bit of a wildcard, and that's pretty exciting for me."

"Is Tayla reading her vows or the terms and conditions of her contract?" one Twitter user joked.

"Tayla appears to he the embodiment of a red flag," another quipped.

"Wow. Tayla. What a piece of work," a third added.

"Tayla's vows: about her. Hugo’s vows: about her," someone else wrote. "Tayla missed the memo that vows should be about how you’re going to be there for your partner."

Thankfully, after hearing Hugo's vows, Tayla appeared to soften a little, telling him she liked what she heard.

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