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The futuristic fridge that preps your party drinks

Drinks from room temperature to summer ready in just 15 minutes.

Love summer entertaining? Having the perfect fridge in your kitchen can turn a low-key catch-up into a proper party. The Panasonic PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator range is the perfect solution for summer entertaining.

Panasonic PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator
The Panasonic PRIME+ Edition Refrigerator chills drinks in just 15 minutes. Photo: Panasonic

The sleek looking fridge takes drinks from room temperature to sip-tastic in just 15 minutes, so you can entertain at short notice. This quick-cooling function also means marinades can infuse to perfection and ensures desserts are superbly set.


The game-changing Prime Fresh technology allows you to "soft freeze" food at -3 degrees and keep it as fresh as the day you brought it home. It freezes the outer layer but keeps the centre of the food softer, so you don't have to wait hours for it to defrost. Meats and fish can be cut up easily straight from the fridge and cooked, saving time from prep to plate. Not only does it make meat easier to slice, you can slice it more precisely and it locks in nutrients and flavour.

Panasonic fridge
Panasonic's unique self-sanitising technology prevents up to 99% of bacteria, and suppresses odours in the fridge and freezer. Photo: Panasonic

The fridge also features Panasonic's unique self-sanitising technology, which distributes nano-size water particles to keep the air and surfaces hygienic, preventing up to 99% of bacteria, and suppressing odours.

The 500-litre fridge also has adjustable shelves for more flexibility, a top compressor design that allows more freezer space, and a Prime Fresh drawer to store fruit and vegetables at optimal humidity. Plus, there's over 40 litres of freezer space at the bottom of the fridge.

The Panasonic Prime+ fridge in a stainless steel finish
The Panasonic Prime+ fridge in a stainless steel finish is $1999. Photo: Panasonic

The range comes in three different designs. Choose from French doors in a dark stainless-steel finish, French doors in a regular stainless steel finis, or a bottom mount fridge. All the designs have an exceptional energy rating and contain intelligent sensors to automatically save energy while still keeping your food fresh.

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