MAFS: Shocking Melissa scene cut from commitment ceremony

It comes after the Married At First Sight bride and her 'husband' left the experiment.

MAFS' Melissa Sheppard and Josh White left the experiment on Sunday night after a particularly explosive commitment ceremony, which left Josh is tears as he told the show's experts he felt "broken" after Melissa questioned his manhood. Viewers were left heartbroken by Josh's reaction to Melissa saying she felt as though their intimacy had become "just sex" and "transactional", with the groom visibly shutting down and appearing in shock.

John Aiken then asked the couple to share whether they decided to stay or leave, with Josh saying he was ready to leave to see his children, however, Melissa had started writing 'leave', but crossed it out and decided to stay. Usually, the Married At First Sight rules state that if one person wants to stay, the pair have to spend another week in the experiment.

MAFS' Josh and Melissa
After an explosive MAFS commitment ceremony, it's been revealed a shocking scene involving Melissa Sheppard was cut. Photo: Nine

However, the experts could see that Josh couldn't stay in the experiment any longer and bent the rules, allowing him to leave.

“Josh, we can see clearly that you’re pretty broken right now. Considering what we’ve seen tonight and what we’ve heard, I’m going to do something that we’ve never done before,” John told him.

“We’ve been around long enough to know that there is no coming back for you in this experiment…right now, it’s up to you, Josh.”

Once Josh had made the decision to leave, he instantly looked lighter and happier, knowing that his relationship was finally over.


However, an on-set source tells Yahoo Lifestyle that things actually played out differently on set, with one key scene completely cut out.

"After Melissa saw how distraught Josh was, she told the experts she'd happily leave too despite writing stay as it was suddenly clear to her there was no way they'd be able to make things work," the insider says.

"But this wasn't shown so on TV it looked like it was John's idea to go against the rules and then give Josh the final decision if they stay or leave – despite Melissa already saying she's happy to go."

Fans rally around Josh

MAFS' Josh
MAFS viewers have taken to social media to rally around Josh after the commitment ceremony aired on Sunday night. Photo: Nine

MAFS viewers have taken to social media to rally around Josh after the commitment ceremony aired on Sunday night, with one user writing, "I just want to give Josh a big bear hug."

"My heart absolutely breaks for Josh, sobbing," another wrote.

"So glad Josh got to leave," a third added.

"Please tell me that Josh is one of the actors on MAFS. That was f***ing brutal to watch," someone else wrote.


"I really hope there’s a lovely lady out there for Josh!" another fan added.

Many others loved seeing the other grooms supporting Josh, with Duncan James telling Mel her view of a 'manly man' was outdated and archaic.

"I reckon one of the most frustrating things is when someone says, ‘You’re not a man’. What is a man? A man is someone who can really talk about their emotions and get deep and be vulnerable, that’s a man," Duncan said, with the rest of the group agreeing.

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