MAFS fans spot bizarre detail in Jack and Tori's loved-up snap: 'Criminal'

Tori’s followers described the find as ‘definitely unusual’.

MAFS’ Tori Adams' mirror selfie / Jack Dunkley asleep in Skye Suites.
MAFS’ Tori Adams has shared a series of BTS snaps during filming last year. Photos: Instagram/torileighadams

Eagled-eyed Married At First Sight fans have noticed a rather strange detail in a recent Instagram post shared by Tori Adams. The season 11 bride took to social media on Thursday evening to upload a gallery of snaps documenting her experience living in Skye Suites with her partner Jack Dunkley during filming last year.

“Weekends at Skye made the week of battle worth it,” she captioned the post, which featured a mirror selfie, their balcony view, and a photo of Jack fast asleep in their bed.


However, one photo showing the couple eating dinner on their couch in front of the TV has left their followers completely baffled. While Tori’s meal is a bowl of chicken, rice and broccolini, Jack is sitting next to her with a large bowl of corn chips and a jar of peanut butter.

“Is he eating peanut butter with corn chips?” one fan asked in the comments, followed by another who added, “I was just thinking the same thing”.

MAFS’ Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley having dinner together on the couch.
Tori described Jack’s odd food combinations as ‘near criminal’. Photo: Instagram/torileighadams

Jack and Tori were both quick to reply to the observation and confirmed that he enjoys pairing the crunchy snack with the creamy spread.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet,” Jack responded, while Tori said, “The food combinations this guy comes up with are near criminal”.

“This one is definitely unusual,” someone else chimed in. “Very interesting.”

Despite being one of the most controversial couples in the history of the reality show, fans appear to be warming to Jack and Tori by sending them well wishes in the comments.

“Bossed the entire series. You’re both amazing. Cannot wait to see your futures together,” one follower shared.

“You and Jack seem solid as long as you are both happy that’s all that matters,” another said, with a third writing, “You guys are super cute, don't get me wrong I love the show I love the drama but I remember it's hugely edited. Keep being happy”.

“I'm gonna hold my hands up and say I'll admit I got it wrong about your relationship on the show, and ya know what! I'm glad I was wrong. You guys look so happy now. Good luck for your future together,” someone else declared.


Following Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud’s split last month, Ridge Barredo and Jade Pywell and Jack and Tori are the only two couples who were matched together on the show that are still together in real life.

Meanwhile, re-paired couple Ellie Dix and Jono McCullough are also going strong and recently embarked on a lengthy holiday travelling around Australia in a caravan.

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