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Nab $5 meals from this cult charcoal chicken restaurant

For one day only!

El Jannah is known for its simple, fresh, Arabic food - and now it's bringing its fare to Melbourne. The cult charcoal chicken shop is opening four new stores in Dandenong, Niddrie, Ferntree Gully and Kensington - and to celebrate it's offering $5 meals.

All their 1/4 chicken meals, usually $12.50, are just $5 on Saturday 27 April between 11am and 12pm at the new Dandenong store when you order in person.

Each meal contains a 1/4 charcoal chicken, regular chips sprinkled with chicken salt, small famous garlic sauce and your choice of 375ml can drink.

Chicken and chips
1/4 chicken meals are just $5 on Saturday 27 April between 11am and 12pm at the new El Jannah Dandenong store. Photo: Supplied

El Jannah was founded in 1998 by Andre. He'd left the small Lebanese village where he grew up many years earlier but still missed the simple, fresh cooking by his family. To help him reminisce about the smells and flavours from Lebanon, he decided to open El Jannah as a tribute to the delicious flatbread and charcoal chickens his mum cooked over an open wood fire.

Today, El Jannah has become an Aussie institution, loved for its simple, fresh fare based on Arabic food. Favourites include the tabouli made with fresh-picked parsley and the delicious garlic sauce which is perfect for using as a dip for the charcoal chicken and chips.


After starting the first restaurant in Sydney over 25 years ago, word of mouth spread fast. When the new stores open, there will be over 30 restaurants across NSW, Vic and ACT.

Their food is best made for sharing and includes plenty of meals designed for families. Their family meal, $63.90, includes two whole charcoal chickens, large hot chips, large garlic sauce, fresh Lebanese bread, your choice of large pickles, tabouli or coleslaw, and four cans of 375ml drinks.

Charcoal chicken and chips
El Jannah's family meal, 76.50, includes two whole charcoal chickens. Photo: Supplied

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