MAFS star reveals secret behind 15kg weight loss transformation: 'Cheat code'

EXCLUSIVE: Ash Galati has shared how he manages to stay in shape while eating the foods he wants.

MAFS’ Ash Galati before and after his transformation.
MAFS’ Ash Galati has shared his ‘cheat code’ behind his 15kg transformation. Photos: Instagram/ashgalati

Married At First Sight intruder Ash Galati has unveiled his dramatic weight loss transformation on social media following his brief stint on the reality show. Despite only appearing in a handful of episodes across the season, the 33-year-old sales manager had quite a memorable relationship with his match, psychic medium Madeleine Maxwell.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Ash shared two side-by-side photos wearing a similar outfit that showed off his impressive 15kg weight loss.

“How did I lose 15kg but still eat donuts, pizza, work 8 hour day, marry a stranger, party on the weekend? Ask me how!” he wrote.


Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Ash explained that he has experienced weight fluctuation all of his life and recently found a “cheat code” that helps him.

“I’ve been fairly active my whole life regularly training and having Muay Thai fights, and when I returned home from living in Thailand for two years my weight fluctuated up and down,” he said. “Mostly up. Emotional eating, overeating when stressed. It was a hard cycle to break.

“Last year I started intermittent fasting which is like the cheat code. I get to eat all the foods I love in my window of eating but still lose weight.”

Ash went on to say that he has plans to write an e-book and go in depth about exactly what he’s done so he can help others.

“I'm a regular guy who works 8 hours a day so I think this will resonate with people wanting to change,” he added.

While intermittent fasting is safe for most people and has similar effects as a low-calorie diet, it’s certainly not for everyone. Manpreet Mundi MD told that skipping meals isn’t recommended for people who are pregnant or breastfeeding, and those with diabetes or any other medical problems should talk to their doctor before trying it themselves.

MAFS’ Ash Galati before and after his transformation.
Ash says he wants to write an e-book to help others on their weight loss journey. Photo: Instagram/ashgalati

Ash’s comments come shortly after he revealed on Yahoo Lifestyle’s Behind the Edit podcast that he wouldn’t return to the social experiment next season because he’s in a new relationship.

“It's early days. It’s someone that I've known from the past,” he teased. “We never dated, but just someone I’d known.”

The groom was previously rumoured to be dating his co-star Natalie Parham after they were spotted attending a Melbourne Fashion Festival show together in May, although the pair have both since confirmed their relationship is purely platonic.

“Nat is a very, very beautiful person. I wish her all the best in life, but we're just friends,” he shared. “But yeah, I hope she finds love and she absolutely deserves it.”


Natalie also confirmed “there’s nothing behind the scenes”, telling Yahoo Lifestyle: “We are friends. He’s an interesting guy and seems very down to earth.

“I met him the first time at the reunion and enjoyed getting to chat to him about his turbulent MAFS experience. Then I hadn’t seen him until the show started airing and [there was] certainly a friendly vibe. Hopefully, I will catch him at the next event we are both invited to.”

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