MAFS: Major update for Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo

After speculation of Ridge cheating, the couple are now closer than ever... literally.

MAFS' Jade and Ridge kiss at gold coast airport
MAFS' Jade and Ridge are more loved-up than ever. Photo: Matrix

After finding love on this year's Married At First Sight, Jade Pywell and Ridge Barredo have an exciting update for fans, with the two looking stronger and more united than ever.

Earlier this year Ridge got Jade's name tattooed on his back, in April the pair took their first international trip together to Bali and now they've officially moved in together.

Yahoo Lifestyle understands that Ridge has recently found work on the Gold Coast, which was the last hurdle he was waiting to jump before relocating there from Sydney.


“For the last couple of months he's been back and forth, but now he's spending 99% of his life up on the Goldie with Jade,” an insider said.

Earlier this year, Jade and Ridge faced a lot of speculation that Ridge had done the dirty on Jade, with rumours started swirling that the MAFS groom cheated on Jade with an ex-girlfriend.

So Dramatic obtained screenshots of a text conversation between Jade and a friend where she alludes to Ridge cheating on her and said that he's not "worth her sadness" and she's not letting "some loser close to her daughter".

Ridge and Jade have been one of MAFS' strongest couples. Photo: Nine
Ridge and Jade have been one of MAFS' strongest couples. Photo: Nine

Jade later gave a radio interview to Hit Network’s The Pulse with Seany B & Emma G about the rumours, confirming the speculation was true to a "certain point".


"Ridge is such a nice person like, he's so caring to everyone so sometimes he can do the wrong thing and message exes without realising that it would upset me," Jade said. "Certain things probably he disclosed that he shouldn't have."

Jade went on to say there was no actual physical cheating.

"I think the line is very blurred with it. For me, I feel like it was a line that was crossed that I wasn't happy with, just because I didn't know about the interaction," she said. "In the physical (cheating) sense like, no."

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