MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Truth about Eden and Jayden's dinner party disappearance

The couple left the dinner table much earlier than what was aired on TV.

They’ve been one of the strongest couples on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but Wednesday night’s episode put a spotlight on the cracks in Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud’s relationship.

Before attending the dinner party, the pair had a very emotionally charged argument in their apartment where Eden expressed she didn’t want to attend the event because of her anxiety and aversion to conflict.

MAFS’ Eden and Jayden.
MAFS’ Jayden and Eden were late to the dinner party because they had an argument in their apartment. Photos: Channel Nine

The couple eventually arrived at the dinner party hand in hand wearing colour-coordinated outfits, however, they had another argument when Eden pulled Jayden aside because she wanted to leave.

While the disagreement and subsequent walk-out aired at the very end of the episode, a production insider tells Yahoo Lifestyle this wasn’t exactly the case.

“Eden and Jayden left the dinner table as soon as they finished eating so they completely missed out on all the drama with the other couples,” the source shares.


“When Eden sat down with Jayden to talk about her fear of getting stuck in another argument with him, that happened very early on in the night rather than at the end.

“Producers dragged out the storyline and ensured not to include any wide shots of the dinner table while the other drama unfolded. Eden and Jayden were long gone by that point.”

The insider points out that a similar editing trick was used on the retreat when Eden told Jayden about Sara’s secret meet-up with her ex. Although the conversation took place on day one, it was “dragged out for suspense” and aired on the final day of the retreat.

MAFS’ Eden and Jayden at the dinner table.
The couple left the dinner table shortly after they finished eating but it was aired at the end of the episode. Photo: Channel Nine

Major editing fail

The dinner party drama comes shortly after comedian and actor Matt Okine pointed out a major editing fail during Eden and Jayden’s homestay.

Matt shared a TikTok on Monday night pointing out that the food on the table kept disappearing and reappearing in a dinner scene with Jayden’s family.

“If you want to know how real reality TV is, watch this sequence from MAFS. Watch the plates. Oh! Where's the food gone? No food. Oh, the food's there! Oh, now they're all eating,” he laughed.

“Oh, no food. All gone. Oh, but now there's food again. Oh, now there's no food. Now there is food. Are you eating or not? Oh, no, you're not.”

The video has since racked up over 45,000 viewers and received plenty of comments from fans who said they had noticed the same thing.

“It was the first thing I noticed with this shot. It was so obvious!” one person wrote.


“Same when Jade and Jack met for lunch. I was laughing at the glasses being full and empty over and over,” another added, while a third shared, “Same with Tim and Lucinda, one minute she's eating sushi, next it's gone, then it's on the other side of the table”.

“Editing is so funny this year. I think they got a work experience dude. It’s all over the place,” someone else remarked, followed by a different user who said, “When it's the CC I look at their watches and see time differences”.

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