MAFS: Bizarre moment cut from Jayden and Eden's 'perfect' wedding

EXCLUSIVE: Here's what Eden really thought when she realised Jayden was Mitch Eynaud's brother.

While Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper’s wedding looked like a match made in heaven on Wednesday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, there was one key moment that didn’t make it to air.

Yahoo Lifestyle’s photos taken during filming on August 1 show Eden's guests looking confused and disappointed before taking their seats.

MAFS bride Eden Harper’s wedding guests looking confused / Eden walking down the aisle next to Mitch Eynaud.
MAFS bride Eden Harper’s wedding guests were reportedly confused when they saw Mitch Eynaud in the front row. Photos: Supplied/Matrix

An on-set source tells us that her friends were taken aback when they saw Jayden’s brother Mitch Eynaud, who was paired with Ella Ding in season nine, sitting in the front row.

“They all started thinking Eden was being set up with a f**k boy or something, especially given how Mitch’s time on the show went,” the insider shares.

The source adds that as Eden arrived at the ceremony, the first thing she saw before Jayden turned around was “telling glances” from her friends “trying to warn her about their suspicions” - which is why she looked unsure walking towards her groom.


Speaking to Yahoo Lifestyle about her wedding day, Eden admits she recognised Mitch “pretty much straightaway” when Jayden introduced him as his brother while standing at the altar.

“I didn't actually watch season nine though, so I didn't have a preconceived idea of Mitch or what he was like - which is probably a good thing because I might’ve had a different opinion if I did have that,” she laughs.

“I didn’t know what he was like at all. I knew he'd been on the show, so I thought that it was a cool connection that his brother had been on the show, but I had no idea what perception the public had of him or how he came across on the show.”

MAFS' Jayden Eynaud and Eden Harper.
Eden describes her wedding day as ‘the most perfect day’. Photo: Supplied/Matrix

'My favourite moment of the whole experiment'

Unlike other weddings this season which have had crazy thunderstorms and wild speeches, Eden describes her nuptials as “the most perfect day”.

“The moment for me that was the most incredible was that dance at the end,” she remarks. “It warmed my heart, it was such a beautiful moment.

“Everyone in that room was cheering and screaming and clapping and when he picked me up and kissed me, it was probably my favourite moment of the whole experiment. I just couldn't wait to watch the dance and I was praying that it made the cut, so I'm very glad that it did and it came across the way that it felt.”

She adds that Jayden is exactly what she asked the experts for - “I like someone who’s scruffy and athletic” - and she’s excited for viewers to see their journey throughout the experiment.

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