MAFS fans spot Jack and Tori editing fail: 'Can't trust anything'

Fans spotted Tori wearing what looked like the bracelet Jack gave her days before he gave it to her.

Eagle-eyed MAFS fans have spotted an editing fail during Monday and Tuesday's episodes, with one user saying you "can't trust" the narrative of the show.

Taking to a Facebook group, one viewer shared a photo from Monday's episode, writing, "The morning after the commitment ceremony, Tori Adams is already wearing the bracelet Jack Dunkley gives her at dinner two days later."

MAFS Tori Adams wears bracelet
MAFS fans have noticed Tori was wearing a bracelet on Monday's episode that was very similar to the one she received from Jack in Tuesday's episode. Photo: Nine

It certainly looks like the same delicate bracelet, with one user responding, "The editing on this show is horrific."


"I live for the edits," another said. "After this long, we all know they are next level. It’s like they film and then come up with story lines and use their footage to create their own movie."

"Good spotting," a third wrote, with a fourth adding, "Can’t trust anything on this show."

The bracelet Tori receives
The bracelet Tori received from Jack on Tuesday's episode. Photo: Nine

"We know that this show is edited, I hope they do better next season if there is one... It's been the worst this season, very lazy," someone else said.

"There was also episodes with Sara, when she kept cancelling dates on Tim and her nails kept changing," another shared.

"I absolutely love that nothing gets past the awesome detective work from our group!" one user said.

MAFS editing fail savagely called out by comedian

It comes after comedian Matt Okine called out the editing of Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud's homestay.

Drawing attention to a scene in which Jayden and Eden share a meal with his family, Matt chuckles as he says, "If you want to know how real reality TV is, watch this sequence from MAFS. Watch the plates. Oh! Where's the food gone? No food. Oh, the food's there! Oh, now they're all eating."

"Oh, no food," he continues. "All gone. Oh, but now there's food again. Oh, now there's no food. Now there is food. Are you eating or not? Oh, no, you're not."

"Yep was yelling same things!," one person wrote. "Oh dishes are done, oh now eating..Dishes done again!"


Another quipped, "MAFS is edited? No way I don’t believe it!"

"Honestly though, the editors deserve a pay rise," one person rather generously said. "To be able to chop and change like that and maintain a consistent and logical conversation is quite something."

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