MAFS' Ella Ding subtly shades Mitch after Eden and Jayden's split

Former MAFS stars have rallied around Eden after her shock split with Jayden.

Former Married At First Sight star and podcast host Ella Ding has thrown her support behind 2024 bride Eden Harper after she announced her shock split from Jayden Eynaud, just over a week since the show finished on our TV screens.

Ella, who was partnered with Jayden's brother Mitch Eynaud in the 2022 series of MAFS, left a supportive comment under Eden's TikTok video announcing the split, throwing a little subtle shade towards her own former groom Mitch who dumped her during final vows.

"His last words on the screens... 'I'm not Mitch 2.0'," Ella said with the melting face emoji. "Thank God for silver linings because you have one coming."

Other former MAFS stars including Domenica Calarco and Tahnee Cook also left supportive comments for Eden on the post, while other MAFS fans rallied around Eden, labelling Jayden's behaviour similar to his brother's after most of his storyline revolved around not being like Mitch.

Ella Ding's comment on Eden Harper's TikTok
Ella Ding left a supportive comment on Eden's breakup announcement. Photo:

"Sadly just like his brother, all for TV," one person commented. "What's wrong with these two brothers?" another asked. "Both had two of the best women to grace MAFS, dedicated, loyal, and intelligent. Their loss! Like, truly."

Eden announces split from Jayden following weeks of rumours

Eden confirmed she and Jayden had split last night after weeks of speculation, including incidences of Jayden being seen out partying without the star.


On Instagram, she posted a series of images of the pair, thanking fans for their support and saying the relationship came to an "unexpected" end when the person she chose "didn't choose" her.

Eden Harper and Jayden Eynaud after his fight
Eden has confirmed she and Jayden have broken up. Photo:

"When I made the decision at final vows to be with Jayden, I really did that with longterm intentions. Jayden & I spent many months together after the experiment, during which Cub gained a dad and I gained a second family who I’m truly grateful for," Eden said.


"I’m saddened to share that toward the end of the show airing, our relationship came to an unexpected end. The ‘reality’ is, the person I chose didn’t choose me. Whilst I’m disappointed, I will never regret the experiment, the people I met, the lessons I learnt and the growth this process has had on me. Thank you for supporting us and for also wishing for the same fairytale that I had hoped for."

Jayden breaks silence

Jayden took to Instagram not long after Eden and shared his own post confirming the split, writing, "Sometimes in life, things don’t always go the way you had hoped for. After the experiment, Eden and I went back to the Gold Coast and continued to enjoy living our lives together and getting to know each other every day.

Eden Harper, Jayden Eynaud, and Mitch Eynaud
Jayden recently uploaded this photo with Eden and his brother Mitch. Photo:

"However, unfortunately, our relationship ended not long before the end of the experiment airing. As sad as it is, I’m so glad I got to go through this with such an amazing woman and a beautiful son 🐶 You will both always have a second family on the Gold Coast ❤️."

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