MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Madeleine on what really happened during the 'cow scene'

"Married At First Sight is just going to market it as funny or weird, but it was actually a lot deeper to me."

Madeleine Maxwell had a short stint on this year's Married At First Sight, but the psychic medium made a memorable impression during her time "married" to Ash Galati.

The former Home and Away actress featured in a handful of episodes but called it quits shortly after her honeymoon with Ash, writing 'leave' at the first commitment ceremony, which was the last time fans saw her on the show.

One of the more memorable scenes Madeleine appeared in was during her honeymoon with Ash when it appeared she was crying about cows after eating meat the night before. While she's kept very quiet since her time on the show, Madeleine chatted with Yahoo Lifestyle's Behind The Edit podcast and explained what the hell really went down during that scene — and in news that won't surprise many clued-in MAFS fans, a lot of context was removed.

Madeleine Maxwell
Madeleine had a brief but memorable stint on MAFS. Photo: Nine

Madeleine explains infamous cow scene

Madeleine told Yahoo Lifestyle, saying she had been vegan and vegetarian on and off for the last six to seven years, and her sister is a proud animal rights activist.

"So the cow scene. There is just a lot of context removed. That was also a conversation that I'd had in the car the day prior to that scene taking place with Ash and the producer," Madeleine said about her vegetarianism.


"So we were driving down to Slaughterhouse Road. And it came up because, obviously, we're talking about abattoirs, at the time, I was on medication for my skin and I needed healing happening really quickly. So I was eating meat, not red meat, but meat," Madeleine explained.

"And so it was a topic of conversation that kind of had me also really aware that I was about to be like, with nature, with cows, and that kind of connection would probably come back up again. So when we had dinner and there was just like a big slab of meat that came out, no potatoes, no nothing on the was evident. It was just like, a pig on the spit. So it was one of those things where I had a lot of shame the next day going into that scene."

Madeleine Maxwell MAFS cow scene
Madeleine was seen seemingly getting emotional about the cows after being served meat the night before. Photo: Nine

Madeleine then went on to explain some of her emotional reactions were less about the cows and more about a pressing line of questions producers had asked her about former relationships in her life.

"Not only did I do a voxxie before that was completely unrelated to the cows, but it was about a relationship [and] that already had me extremely emotional," she said. "I go into the paddock crying about that particular voxxie, and it just so happens that voxxie was about guilt, about shame, about this relationship."

Madeleine then said seeing the cows fed into the guilt and shame she was already feeling and can understand why MAFS fans found the scene "full-on".


"When I see the cows after what I did the night before, it's kind of feeding into that guilt and shame I was feeling in the voxxie prior.... watching that back, oh my god, it seems so full on, but you're unearthing so much about love and what you desire and what you've done in the past that may or may not be a good choice or whatever," she said.

Madeleine Maxwell gets upset on MAFS
Madeleine has explained that she was getting emotional about a personal line of questioning to do with a former relationship. Photo: Nine

"I think so much plays into stupid things like that, and Married At First Sight is just going to market it as I guess, funny or weird, or because I'm a medium, but yeah it was actually a lot deeper to me."

Madeleine also went on to explain the part where she deemed herself as "annoying" in a voxxie, saying it was once again unrelated to the cows.

"And I will say this. There's a voxxie in between where I go, completely unrelated to the cow, where I explode and I go, 'I'm so f***ing annoying!' and it was about the relationship once again, so it had nothing to do with me being upset I was eating meat, it was an explosion of like, they're pushing on a relationship topic that I don't want to go into.

"So I'm aware I'm really emotional that day, and I'm aware of what it will look like on camera, so that's why I'm saying I'm so f***ing annoying, because I can't stop crying about this other topic!" she said.

"People just think I'm this bats**t crazy b***h, but you know, that too, but also not," Madeleine laughed.

Listen to Madeleine's full episode of Behind The Edit on Friday morning. Find out more here.