Kyle and Jackie O missing from live show for fourth day in a row

The duo have been mysteriously absent in the lead-up to their scheduled two-week break.

Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson have left fans outraged after they were absent from their KIIS FM breakfast show for the fourth day in a row.

The popular radio duo didn’t appear on air again on Thursday morning, with the top-rating show instead playing pre-recorded segments from previous broadcasts.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson and Kyle Sandilands.
Kyle Sandilands and Jackie ‘O’ Henderson have been missing from their radio show all week. Photo: KIIS FM

Listeners have taken to social media throughout the week to express their annoyance and confusion, especially after Jackie attended the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne over the weekend and Kyle appeared as a judge on the Australian Idol grand finale on Monday.

“Another day of repeats where are you guys?” one person asked, followed by another who added, “I hate the repeat shows! I’d listen to the podcast if I wanted to hear it again”.

“Are you guys ever coming back on air or are you just going on holidays for the rest of your life?” a third commented.


“The No 1 show in Australia for repeats,” someone else remarked, while a different user said, “I wish I could get your salary for the amount of repeats you throw down our necks!”.

“Instead of a s**t repeat with bits from the last month, put an entire episode from ‘on this day’ from 5 years ago or something,” one fan suggested.

Meanwhile, others said they planned to “boycott the show” and switch stations because they were so disappointed.

Yahoo Lifestyle understands both Kyle and Jackie have been sick this week, although this is yet to be explained on social media. Thursday morning’s broadcast was also scheduled to be the pair’s final show before the Easter holidays, and they now officially have two weeks off air before returning mid-April.

Jackie ‘O’ Henderson with Beau Ryan in Melbourne / Kyle Sandilands on Australian Idol.
Jackie was recently in Melbourne for the Grand Prix while Kyle appeared as a judge on Australian Idol on Monday. Photos: Instagram/jackieo_official / Seven

Kyle and Jackie O's move to Melbourne

Kyle and Jackie’s absence comes shortly after they announced they will be launching in Melbourne on Monday, April 29.

Speaking to Melbourne-based radio host Byron Cooke on KIIS 101.1, Kyle said: “Let me just warn everyone. It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard and what the newspaper or this person or some other radio station says, we’re not here to change your mind.”

He continued, referencing former KIIS 101.1 hosts Jase Hawkins and Lauren Philips: “We’re just going to give you a very different type of radio show. I’m not saying the other ones are the worst shows in the world because they’re not. They’ve been great, but we just offer something different.”


Jase and Lauren were axed last year when it was confirmed The Kyle and Jackie O Show would be broadcasting to both Sydney and Melbourne after signing their new $200m deal. However, they found a new radio home with Nova 100, with the pair kicking off their new show earlier this month week.

Jackie added: “We're looking forward to finally broadcasting into Melbourne. We're excited.”

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