Kmart shopper stuns with 'amazing' $13 budget bathroom glow-up: 'Looks fabulous!'

The project brought new life to a tired bathroom.

How the bathroom looked before (left) and after (right).
Using simple Kmart adhesive tiles, one shopper has revamped their bathroom with impressive results. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor & Hacks

When it comes to home renovation, sometimes the simplest solutions make the biggest impact. One Kmart shopper recently demonstrated just that, transforming her dated bathroom into a chic space using nothing more than adhesive tiles from Kmart.

Her incredible DIY project has since impressed on social media, receiving praise for its stunning results and budget-friendly approach. The savvy home renovator shared her journey on the popular Facebook group dedicated to Kmart home decor hacks where fellow shoppers showcase their clever use of Kmart products.

“Updated the swimming pool tiles in the bathroom with Kmart adhesives,” she posted, accompanied by impressive before-and-after photos.

“I’m really happy with them. I put them over my tiles but I used a levelling adhesive, then I grouted over the top.”


With a keen eye for design and a knack for budget solutions, she transformed her bathroom with a fresh contemporary look. The old, dated "swimming pool tiles" were replaced with Kmart's Lisbon adhesives, giving the bathroom a new lease on life.

Even more impressive is how cost-effective the project was – Kmart’s adhesive tiles are just $13 for a pack of 8, making it an affordable way to refresh any tiled space.

The response from the online community was overwhelmingly positive. Comments flooded in, applauding the DIY effort and the fantastic results.

The home renovator applied leveling adhesive to her existing flooring, followed by Kmart tiles, and finished with grouting for a polished result. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor & Hacks
The home renovator applied levelling adhesive to her existing flooring, followed by Kmart tiles, and finished with grouting for a polished result. Photo: Facebook/Kmart Decor & Hacks

One user commented, “Looks amazing!” while another echoed, “You did a great job!”

Although the praise for the homeowner's handy work was mostly well-received there were a few people in the chat who said they preferred the original blue tiles. "I looovvee the pool tiles more!!!," someone commented.

"I loved the original... sorry," another person added.

"OMG, and there’s me loving the pool tile!" a third offered. "But great job. Hope it stands the test of time."

The general consensus, however, was that the new look was a vast improvement, with one user stating: “Looks fabulous, much better than the pool tiles.”

People were eager to learn more about the process and how the adhesive tiles would hold up, especially on the floor.

Addressing these queries, the original poster explained: “It’s like putting a vinyl floor down. I used the levelling adhesive [from Bunnings], then the tiles stuck really well, then I grouted over it and it holds all in place. Grout cracks easily on ceramic tiles too with earth movement. It’s not hard to fix.”

Her thoroughness didn’t go unnoticed, as she reassured potential DIYers about the durability of the tiles and their suitability for bathroom floors.

Kmart's Lisbon self adhesive tile package (left) and the tiles (right).
An 8-pack of Kmart's Lisbon self-adhesive tiles is priced at an affordable $13. Photo: Kmart

“I did look into it,” she added. “Adhesives are problematic on kitchen splashbacks, not on bathroom floors.”

While the project was a major success, some community members offered cautionary advice.


One commenter noted: “Be careful using these products if you ever need to claim on insurance.”

However, the DIYer’s meticulous research into the materials and their applications seemed to have covered all bases.

The post ended on a positive note, with another member wishing, “Well done they look beautiful xx."

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