Influencer's bikini snap goes viral for surprising reason: 'Sent me into a spiral'

"Omg I love that you show your real body and it's gorgeous."

Carly Weinstein in a bikini
An influencer was left baffled after a recent bikini photo went viral for a surprising reason. Photo: Instagram/Carly_Weinstein

An influencer was left baffled after a recent bikini photo went viral. Carly Weinstein, a US influencer and podcaster, was recently on holiday in Spain when she shared several snaps by the water in Mallorca.

"I’m coming home soon, I swear 😇," she captioned the unedited snaps, which she shared mid-last month.

"Omg I love that you show your real body and it's gorgeous," one user commented.

"Real girl! Real body," another added.

"Finally my IG is kind to me showing me real beauty," a third said.


"Love seeing real people on Instagram," a fourth said. "Absolutely stunning."

Carly later took to Instagram to react to the comments she was receiving on the photos, with the podcaster sharing another set of photos from what appeared to be the same day and the caption reading, "Summer is quickly approaching (not that it matters since I personally feel the body image pressure 24/7 lol) but I am feeling an EXTRA sense of tension surrounding my body at the moment."

She referenced the first set of images, saying they "went viral... because of the way my body looks".

Carly Weinstein poses for photo in a bikini
Carly shared her surprise when her photos "went viral... because of the way my body looks". Photo: Instagram/Carly_Weinstein

"So many people have been commenting things like 'this is what a real body looks like!!' Or 'I finally see a body that looks like mine!!'" she wrote. "Now first of all this sent me into a SPIRAL because I didn’t even think twice about the fact that it might have looked like a 'realistic' body to some people, I was just vibing in my bathing suit showing my awesome view!! But it reminded me that there is STILL a huge lack of body diversity in my industry and on social media in general.

"I’m not just talking about the lack of different body size, but also a lack of things like cellulite, bruises, peach fuzz, things that are totally normal and HUMAN!!"

Carly continued, saying she doesn't see herself as a "body-positive queen" and isn't trying to make it seem as though she always loves her body.

Carly Weinstein on holiday
Fans loved Carly's message, with many saying it was strange that they couldn't show themselves the same love they show others. Photo: Instagram/Carly_Weinstein

"Lowkey most of the time I just feel EH about my body. But despite my ups and downs, I love who I am as a human and I feel so insanely worthy of love and success. To me, that is the only realistic thing I think we can all strive for," she said.

"This post is not meant to be preachy because again, I’m just like all of you- I absolutely do not like what I see in the mirror all the time and that is fine. But I want to remind you that no matter what, how you look on the outside does not and NEVER WILL determine the human being that you are."


Carly finished her lengthy post by saying, "Give yourself grace & know that no one will ever remember you because of how you looked, but rather the impact that you made on others."

Her followers really resonated with her message, with one follower writing, "I’m going on vacay in a month and I haven’t worn a bathing suit in maybe 3-4 years and your posts truly are the only reason why I haven’t cancelled my trip."

"So funny how seeing other people’s bodies just seems so painfully normal but your own is such a negative thing," another added.

"I love this! I’m saving this post to keep reminding me that I need to stop criticising myself and enjoy life without overthinking 🩷," a third wrote.

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