Woman divides with G-string bikini at water park: 'Disgusting'

Should there be a line drawn about what is and what isn't acceptable to wear to a water park?

A Brisbane-based mum has sparked a discussion on Facebook, questioning whether or not a G-string bikini was acceptable to wear to a water park when many children are around. Taking to the Brisbane Mums Facebook group, the woman, who had recently been to Wet 'N' Wild with her family, questioned where the line should be drawn on swimwear.

"I took my kids to Wet and Wild recently, and there were a lot of women and girls (tween & teen) wearing G-string swimwear. Even a few wearing micro swimwear," she began. "I have these types of swimwear and wear them often in my own pool. I am far from a prude, and this is not a case of jealousy.

Coco Austin and her daughter Chanel in bikinis
Coco Austin's bikini choices in public pools have previously kicked off similar discussions over what is and isn't acceptable in public. Photo: Instagram/Coco

"However, I am curious as to what the general consensus is on wearing this at a family theme park. Particularly in the kids pool area. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just I don’t feel it’s an appropriate place for it."

She added, "Would it be okay if a man was to wear this at the same park? Is this a case of ‘just look the other way’ and deal with it?"

'Look the other way and deal with it'

People in the group were divided on the matter, with one user suggesting the original poster just "look the other way and deal with it", adding, "A pertinent question to ask ourselves is 'Is this inherently sexual or does the person wearing this just look attractive?'"


The OP replied, "A few were attractive, and some were not. To answer your question. The older lady in the micro bikini bent down to pick up a child in front of me and her butt hole was on display. Which is actually what lead me to ask the question."

Another user added, "I think you need to ask yourself why this bothers you so much. If these women are happy and confident wearing it then who are they harming? You are asking whether it is appropriate in a 'family' themed park. What effect do these swimmers have on children? In my opinion - nothing. They are too busy having fun!"

Others felt there should be a line when it comes to family-style environments.

"I don't wear them and think they're disgusting," one user wrote. "I’d rather not have to put up with them ‘adjusting’ their swimwear and being forced to see something that should be private, it’s why we tell children they’re our private parts! On a beach? Okay. At South Bank or Wet 'n' Wild? No."

"I feel like butt cheeks are like boobs, a certain amount spilling out but once we reach the smaller darker parts … [it] becomes nudity," another suggested.

A third said that while it's great that these women feel "comfortable and confident", it's "unnecessary" in a public space with children.

Coco Austin sparks debate around swimwear in public areas

Coco Austin has previously sparked this debate after sharing snaps of herself with her daughter Chanel at a public pool, with the reality star wearing a G-string bikini for the outing.

While many thought the star looked "gorgeous", others weren't so complimentary, calling her swimwear choice "inappropriate".


Soon after, she did an interview with E! News, breaking down over the trolling she received for the images.

"I'm underneath a microscope all the time and you don't hear what good you do," she told Tamron Hall as she broke down in tears. "You don't hear the goodness, you just hear a lot of bad. And I know I'm a good mother."

Gold Coast man calls for ban of G-string bikinis

Ian Grace
Ian Grace wrote to the Gold Coast mayor to propose a G-string bikini ban, believing women have no 'respect' for themselves while wearing them. Source: Gold Coast Bulletin

It comes after Ian Grace, the founder of a youth charity, called for Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate to ban G-string bikinis after noticing women – both teenagers and adults – wearing this style of swimwear to his charity events with their "bums out".

"Two family events away from the beach, you've got these almost naked young ladies there with their bare bum [out] completely. Enough is enough," he told Yahoo News Australia last month.

When Yahoo News questioned whether he held these opinions specifically for minors, he responded by saying it was "not a particular age group" he was referring to, believing all females should be banned from wearing G-string bikinis.

Many said online they were thankful to Ian for calling out the latest "bizarre" fashion trend, calling it "embarrassing" and "gross".

However, many others hit back, with one user sarcastically calling it "great" that a man was telling "women what they want them to wear".

"We were born naked, why does nakedness bother so many people?" another asked.

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