I'm A Celebrity's Candice Warner calls out contestants with 'ulterior motives'

EXCLUSIVE: The sports star spills on people ‘putting on an act’ in the jungle.

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! is often regarded as one of the most wholesome reality TV shows in Australia, with contestants encouraged to work together while raising awareness for their chosen charities and forming friendships along the way. However, one of the stars has now claimed not everyone who appears in the jungle is there for “genuine” reasons.

Former Ironwoman Candice Warner, who was eliminated during Thursday night’s episode, tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she was very aware during filming that some of her fellow contestants had “ulterior motives” for coming on the show.

I’m A Celebrity’s Candice Warner, Frankie Muniz, Tristan MacManus, Skye Wheatley, Stephen K Amos and Ellie Cole.
I’m A Celebrity’s Candice Warner has claimed not everyone who appears in the jungle is there for ‘genuine’ reasons. Photo: Channel 10

“Everyone is doing the show for a different reason,” she explains. “Some people are very genuine, other people are putting on an act, and other people are trying to get as much camera time because it might help them with something they've got coming up in the future.

“So everyone's reason for being on the show is so different, but you just have to respect that and just go, well I'm here for this reason and that reason alone and I'm just going to focus on what I want to get out of the show and also be very respectful to other people.”

Candice adds that regardless of their motivation for signing onto the series, she believes everyone in this year’s cast is “genuinely a very good person”.

“When you're in there, you know that some people have ulterior motives. But that's fine, that’s their thing and that's what they're there for,” she says. “I’m very proud that I was true to myself and I didn't change and I made some lifelong friends.”


While she remains tight-lipped about the contestants she doesn’t think she’ll stay friends with after the show, Candice shares that there are several people she hopes to stay in touch with.

“Obviously living in Sydney I’ll probably spend more time with Ellie [Cole] and Britt [Hockley] and Michelle [Bridges] and possibly Tristan [MacManus] because we are Sydney-based,” she details.

“But I'd like to keep up my relationship with Peter Daicos, I’d love to go and meet his family and have a meal with them. And then you've got Khanh [Ong], I'd love to share a food experience with him, and Stephen [K Amos], I’d love to go and see his show.

“You do make so many great friendships and the great thing about it is you have so much time that you become friends with absolutely everyone. I’m not sure if every year is like that but we really were a big family.”

I’m A Celebrity’s Khanh Ong and Candice Warner.
Candice says she made ‘so many great friendships’ on the show. Photo: Channel 10

Candice reveals brutal reality fans don't see on TV

Despite previously watching I’m A Celebrity, Candice admits the biggest surprise from the experience was just how real it actually is.

“Every single day we're seeing stuff,” she remarks. “When I went for a walk to the waterfall, there was a cobra. I was in a gym, I saw a snake. I was changing the bins in the toilet, there was a scorpion. I sat up one night and there was a big cat thing that ran through.

“I’ve seen crabs, there’s been centipedes and millipedes. Anything that you could possibly imagine, we have seen. And I think that's just what makes it so real because you know that you're sleeping in the jungle and it's dirty, it’s everything.”


The mother-of-three adds that the biggest thing that would surprise viewers is how much alone time the celebrities have when they aren’t participating in a challenge or playing a game.

“On the show, you see the fun times, you see the laughter and the craziness and everything that goes on in camp, but you also don't see a hell of a lot of downtime and us just trying to pass the time,” she shares.

“So it's a lot of time sitting around a campfire and that's the time where you reflect and you think about home and you think about the changes that you'd like to make in your own life and how you can be a better human. That was definitely the biggest takeaway for me.”

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