I'm A Celebrity's Denise Drysdale breaks silence on 'feud' rumours with Julia Morris

EXCLUSIVE: The comedian reveals how she really feels about her former co-star.

I’m A Celebrity’s Denise Drysdale has responded to rumours that she’s been “locked in a secret feud” with the show’s host Julia Morris since they worked together on the Channel Nine variety show In Melbourne Tonight from 1996 to 1997.

According to Daily Mail, some “very strategic planning” was required to have the two women on the reality show as they “had beef back in the day” and “hate each other”.

 I’m A Celebrity’s Julia Morris and Denise Drysdale.
I’m A Celebrity’s Denise Drysdale has responded to rumours she and Julia Morris ‘hate each other’. Photos: Channel 10

“Julia was starting out in television and Denise felt she wasn't grateful enough of the advice she was giving,” a source told the publication. “It was a personality clash from day one and [host] Frankie J Holden would feel really uncomfortable each week as they tried to out-do each other.”

Denise has now spoken out about the rumours for the very first time, telling Yahoo Lifestyle following her elimination on Wednesday night that they are “utter rubbish”.

“It’s total bull c**p,” she asserts. “I really don’t know where it came from. It’s pointless, it’s not true and it’s just put such a negative spin on things.

“That’s why I don’t like media today, they want a negative. Let’s just dwell on the positives. We’ve got Donald Trump and [Vladimir] Putin, we don’t need any other negatives.”


The beloved comedian and TV personality went on to say that she’s seen Julia “on and off” since they worked together on IMT and she’s a big fan of what she does.

“I admire her because she went overseas and did all these courses and I think she went and did improv and all those things. She was really serious about her career and I admired that, it’s something I never did,” she remarks.

“I think she’s terrific. I think Robert [Irwin] with her on the show, they just blend and it's fabulous.”

I’m A Celebrity’s Denise Drysdale.
Denise admits she was ‘thrilled’ to be voted out of the jungle. Photo: Channel 10

Denise reveals her biggest takeaway from the show

Speaking about her time on I’m A Celebrity, Denise jokes that she was “thrilled” to be the first person voted out of the jungle.

“You can’t pre-empt what’s going to happen. You walk in, you do it, it’s different and everybody’s in the same boat,” she details. “It’s such an experience and I’m glad I’ve done it, but I’m so bloody glad I’m out!

“I don’t want to do Survivor, I don’t want to be like Bear Grylls, I don’t want to be dropped in the middle of the ocean and have to swim to the shore. I don’t want to do anything now. I’ve got a lovely life, beautiful kids, grandchildren and a dog and a cat that loves me.”


Denise adds that while she didn’t get along with everyone, she’s glad she met so many “lovely” people on the show.

“I was looking forward to making some friends like they have in the past and I did that,” she remarks. “I’ve got some lovely friends. Tristan [MacManus] I’ve worked with obviously on Studio 10, but I didn't know how lovely he was until I spent the time there.

“And then Steven K Amos, he’s gorgeous. Also Candice [Warner], she’s just a lovely, lovely woman. And also Peter [Daicos], the footballer, he’s funny as. I met some really nice people.”

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