Hunted Australia season 3: Everything you need to know about 2024's huge twist

Channel 10's heart-pounding reality show is back for another season.

Hunted Australia investigators / Hunted Australia: Million Dollar Heist logo.
The upcoming third season of Hunted Australia has been renamed Hunted Australia: Million Dollar Heist. Photos: Channel 10

One of Australia’s most thrilling reality TV shows is set to return this year with a major twist. Hunted Australia, aka the ultimate game of cat and mouse, is coming back in 2024 bigger and better than ever.

The heart-pounding series follows nine pairs of everyday Australians acting as ‘Fugitives’ on the run from highly skilled ‘Hunters’ attempting to locate and capture them. While the first two seasons saw the winners split a $100,000 grand prize, season three will feature a whopping $1 million cash pool.

The game will begin with contestants trying to pull off a bank robbery with $1 million up for grabs before hitting the road with whatever they can steal. If they can spend 20 days evading the group of Hunters, led by Chief Investigator Dr David Craig, then they get to keep the cash.


Channel 10 shared the first promo for the reality show on Sunday night, revealing that the series has been officially renamed Hunted Australia: Million Dollar Heist.

“Stealing one million dollars, that’s the easy part,” the video teases.

Fans quickly took to the comments to share their excitement, with one person writing: “It can’t start quick enough.”

“Woah the stakes just went up omg,” another added, while another shared, “Can’t wait. Love this show”.

Channel 10 is yet to announce an airdate for season three, however, both season one and season two premiered on July 17 once MasterChef Australia had wrapped up.

It’s unknown whether Hunted will air around the same time this year or in mid-August to avoid competition with the 2024 Olympic Games, which will take place from July 26 to August 11.


The official cast for season three has not yet been released, although Channel 10 has confirmed there will be nine teams of two like last year.

The Geelong Advertiser published photos in February of a group of unnamed contestants dressed in dark clothing surrounded by camera operators in Geelong, Victoria. Producers were reportedly yelling instructions to the contestants, and helicopters were also spotted flying over the area.

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