Hunted winners reveal heartwarming plans with $100,000 prize money

EXCLUSIVE: Holly and Jimi open up about their time on the run.

After 21 days on the run, Fugitives Holly and Jimi became the winners of Hunted Australia when they reached the extraction point during Monday night’s nail-biting finale.

The pair, who both split from their respective teammates ahead of the final episode, managed to evade Hunters all season long and walked away from the reality show with a share of $100,000.

Hunted winners Holly and Jimi.
Hunted winners Holly and Jimi have revealed their plans with the $100,000 prize money. Photos: Channel 10

Following their win, Holly and Jimi have opened up to Yahoo Lifestyle about their life-changing experience and their heartwarming plans with the prize money.

“It’s so incredible because what people don't know is the days leading up to when I'm about to embark on the biggest adventure of my life, I should be in the zone, I'm about to start Hunted, I was actually in his hotel room crying every single day because I was so upset at my financial situation,” Holly reveals.

“It's been a struggle, I’m not gonna lie, especially in this cost of living and especially as a dancer. But to win, to take the cake, it means so much more to me.

“This means that we can put that money towards the house for myself and my partner, it means that we can travel the world, it means that we can live comfortably and it means I can live my dreams as a dancer. It’s a huge weight off my shoulders.”


Jimi adds that despite parting ways on the show, he and his close friend Ed had agreed from the very beginning that they would split the money if only one of them made it to the end.

“We decided to double our chances and our agreement was always no matter what we were doing this together,” he says. “Ed is just as much a winner as I am to myself and he's gonna get half that money.

“For me, it was only a couple of months before going on Hunted that I got made redundant from my job and I'd spent about three or four months unemployed just doing little jobs here or there to get by.

“But now I've done it and I'm back on my feet, I would like to splurge a little bit and maybe do something special, but we'll have to wait and see what that looks like.”

Hunted winners Holly and Jimi in the extraction helicopter.
The pair were the only two Fugitives to make it to the extraction point during Monday night’s finale. Photo: Channel 10

Advice for future contestants

Speaking about their experience filming the show, the pair admit that they quickly learned Hunted is just as much a social game as it is strategic.

“What I thought was going to win this competition was your smarts, your strategy, your survival background and a military career, but it wasn’t that at all,” Holly reflects. “It's how good you are with people and how sociable you are.

“You really need to have a good strategy as well of how you're going to approach someone and ask for help because that’s the make or break for you. And I feel like in the end, it’s really the kindness of strangers that's going to help you get to the end.”


Jimi also shares that his biggest piece of advice for future contestants would be to keep moving locations.

“Every 24 hours always get a step away from where you were 24 hours before,” he says. “Every time you leave a link, Hunters can track that. Even if the link is a week-long, Hunters can track it. So always step away and make sure that no one 24 hours ago knows where you are now.”

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