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EOFY Sales: 30% off this cult Japanese beauty product that protects your skin

It helps combat dry winter skin.

Dewy, glowy skin is the ultimate must-have in the beauty world, but this fresh-faced look isn't always that easy to achieve.

Now beauty lovers have discovered a Japanese product that gives their skin the glassy, hydrated look everyone's after.

"So refreshing and makes my skin so dewy," says one happy customer. "I usually have super dry skin but now my skin looks nice and dewy all day, every day," agrees another.

Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew
Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew now has 30% off, reducing it to $43.40

Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew, now $43.40, is a treatment essence. It's designed to be applied after cleansing and before serums and moisturiser.

Super lightweight, it can also act as a primer, giving you an extra smooth base before applying makeup.


Enriched with fermented collagen, it contains probiotics, free amino acids, and peptides. These help combat dryness and dehydration, as well as enhance skin elasticity and firmness.

Woman using Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew
Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew is great for dehydrated winter skin. Photo: Supplied

Because the formula helps balance your skin's microbiome, which works as a protective shield, it also works to reduce redness and inflammation, resulting in a calm, even skin tone, with minimal breakouts.

Not to be confused with a toner that cleanses and balances pH, a treatment essence hydrates and preps your skin to absorb other products more efficiently. It works brilliantly in winter as it helps create a barrier against cold air that can leave your skin feeling dry.

Before and after skin on woman
Before and after using Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew. Photo: Supplied

It's best applied with your hands, directly to clean skin. Then just use a moisturiser on top to seal in the hydration.

Beauty lovers are raving about the results.

"This essence works great to bring back moisture especially when my skin gets super dry," says one delighted fan. "I love this product."

Get 30% off Par Kie's Super Collagen Moisture Dew until 30 June.

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