Groom slammed for 'selfish' act before wedding: 'Could kill people'

A groom has sparked outrage after allegedly faking a Covid test to get married abroad. One of his former high school classmates shared a screenshot of his Instagram post on a popular subreddit where he bragged about the ‘selfish’ act.

The screenshot showed the bridal party on the dance floor along with the groom’s caption for his one-year wedding anniversary.

A wedding snap showed the bride and groom dancing at the reception. Photo: Reddit
A wedding snap showed the bride and groom dancing at the reception. Photo: Reddit

“One year ago, I faked a negative Covid test so I could go to Scotland and Norway. I also married my best friend in the entire world. If it didn’t cost so much money, I’d say let’s do it all over again,” the groom wrote.

“It was the best day of my life, one I’ll never forget, no matter how forgetful I am as always…the last picture is the best. I love you, one step at a time, just you and I,” he finished.


People on Reddit slammed the groom for his tone-deaf post, with many saying that he could have caused multiple deaths if he was Covid positive.

“You couldn’t pay me to admit that,” one person wrote, with another adding, “Literally why would you admit that, it’s an actual crime in like 99% of countries.”

“Spreading disease seems like such an awful note to start off your wedding. I’d prefer not to cause death and misery on my wedding day. Really on any day I don’t want to cause too much death, but maybe I’m just a big softie,” a third fired out.

Groom's Instagram caption where he says he faked a negative Covid test to travel
The groom's Instagram caption horrified users online. Photo: Reddit

“What a wonderful way to start a marriage; lying, deception, fraud and potentially passing the virus killing innocent people,” another remarked.

A Scottish resident also lashed out at the 'terrifying' and 'enraging' decision, writing: “How DARE you come here and potentially kill people just because you want to get married here. We worked extremely hard to get our Covid strategy going and this behaviour undermines it all. Just take the f**king test and isolate.”

Another group member shared a poignant story about their decision to attend a wedding that may have had a part in their elderly father’s death.

“One year ago, I attended a friend’s wedding. We had all been tested and I felt safe. Three days later, my elderly father started developing symptoms. Next week will be the first year without him. If you asked me what I’d do differently, I’d go back in time and would have never interacted with these people because that was just one of many selfish actions that only benefited themselves,” they wrote.

The groom came across the Reddit post and assured users that it was all a joke, adding that he hadn’t actually tested positive for Covid.

“I tested negative, but the results were inconclusive, so I made a joke to my wedding guests (cause I’m a comedian) that I would just fake it to continue with the wedding and my honeymoon. I took a rapid test and got the negative results to give to the airline before leaving to Scotland for my honeymoon,” he explained. “OP just decided to make their own story about my big day.”


However, his attempt at humour was labelled as ‘not well thought out’ with one person saying the ‘joke didn’t land the way it was intended’.

“You posted it on a public, open profile where it sounds like you have multiple people following you who didn’t go to your wedding. Not sure what you expect in that case. Also, again…it’s not funny either way,” one person retorted.

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