Bride's X-rated wedding cake roasted online: 'Once you see it'

A bride has been roasted online after a photo emerged of her wedding cake. The small two-tiered treat, which was dubbed a "hot mess", raised eyebrows after people noticed an X-rated detail in the decoration.

The photo was shared to a Facebook page dedicated to wedding shaming and showed the cake with messy white icing and what appeared to be three blue pom poms on top. However, the way the pom poms were positioned gave the decoration a phallic-like resemblance.

"Shaming this hot mess of a wedding cake. When you see it..." the group member who posted the picture on Facebook wrote.

Others were quick to mock the cake, with another saying it can't be unseen.

Blue pom poms on top of a wedding cake look like a penis.
People mocked the couple's 'hot mess' of a wedding cake. Source: Facebook

"Immediately thought it looked like a penis of pom poms," one wrote.

"That was my first thought, too, and honestly I've been confused ever since, thinking I'm the only one ..." somebody replied.

"It’s already bad without the feather peen," a third added.

Some went on the comment that the cake was less than impressive even before the raunchy cake topper was added.


"Looks like a diaper cake they make out of diapers for baby showers," one comment read.

"That's a sad little cake. I hope it tasted good at least," another wrote.

"Did the four-year-old flower girl make it?!" a third mocked.

It's not the first time a bride and groom have been roasted for an X-rated detail on a wedding cake.

A guest at a different wedding shared a video of a cake topper on TikTok, which at first looks like a sweet nod to the bride and groom's occupations.

However, on closer inspection of the back, the groom is seen lifting up the dress and revealing her blue underwear.


People flocked to the comments on TikTok to mock the newlyweds for the X-rated decoration.

"Absolutely not," one said to which another replied, "Very tacky".

"I went from, “Oh I want this', to, 'I don’t want this'," another commented.

"So classy," a third sarcastically said.

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