Bridezilla shocks with unbelievable wedding demand: 'Selfish and toxic'

A bridezilla has been slammed after demanding her sister change the way she gave birth so she could attend the bride’s wedding.

The woman shared the ‘unbelievable’ attitude of the bride on a popular wedding Facebook group, saying that it was so dramatic she ended up going no contact with her family. She began by sharing that the wedding happened years ago, but thought that group members would find the story interesting.

An upset bride sitting on a chair next to a groom
A bride has been called out for her 'unbelievable' behaviour. Photo: Getty (Getty Images)

“I wasn’t able to attend my sister’s wedding because I was in the hospital after just giving birth,” she began. “My son was born on July 2nd and was a scheduled induction (but ended as a c-section). My sister planned her wedding for July 3rd, after she already knew the date of my induction.

“The kicker? I was pregnant for nine months and she only had known the guy she married for seven months,” she spilled.


The mum went on to say that the couple ‘blamed her’ for not attending the wedding, because her son wasn’t ‘born on time’.

“If he had just been on time, there wouldn’t have been an issue. Then they blamed me for ending up needing a C-section, because if it was a vaginal birth, I would have been able to go,” she wrote.

In a follow-up, she added that the married couple have since divorced, but she doesn’t speak to her family anymore.

“I cut my whole family out because stuff like this was the norm, not the exception,” she explained. “Best decision I ever made.”

People were horrified by the bride’s entitled behaviour, with some saying she was 'awful'.

“As a student midwife, I am so sorry they did not afford you the respect and kindness you deserved and needed at such a vulnerable and potentially traumatic time. Hope you had good care while you were in hospital,” one group member wrote.

“Yeah they think gaslighting and think their behaviour is okay, they are selfish and toxic. You didn’t do anything wrong. A healthy baby is so much more important than one day of partying,” added a second.

“That’s insane, giving birth is brutal enough but having an unplanned C-section is rough and traumatising to many people. I hope you no longer talk to these people,” another chimed in.


Others pointed out that even if the woman had given birth naturally, she likely would have still missed the wedding.

“After my two vaginal births I could’t really walk or sit for like two weeks without pain,” one shared.

“I had a vaginal birth four days before my sister’s wedding and STILL DIDN’T GO,” exclaimed another.

“Wow holy s**t. As if you could go to a wedding the day after delivering even if it had been vaginal,” a third remarked.

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