Stepson slammed for 'rude and classless' wedding act: 'Tacky'

An engaged couple has been slammed for handing out baby shower invitations during a wedding reception. The bride took to Reddit asking if she had overreacted by letting her stepson's ‘disrespectful’ act ‘upset’ her.

She explained that her stepson and his fiancée didn’t ask permission before handing out the invites during the cake-cutting part of the evening. To make matters worse, the bride and her husband didn’t even receive an invitation to the baby shower.

A bride wiping tears away from her eyes with the groom next to her
A bride was left reeling after her stepson's 'rude' act. Photo: Getty

“In hindsight, I should have said something right then [and] there, but I was feeling selfish in that moment because I didn’t want to draw attention to [them] on what was supposed to [be] a special day,” she wrote in her post.

“A few days later they came to our house to discuss having their wedding reception in our garage and it was then that I brought up how I felt. I explained how their actions were disrespectful and tasteless. That they not only made me feel uncomfortable but also my guests,” the bride added.

According to her future daughter-in-law, the reason they chose to hand out invitations during the wedding reception was ‘to save on postage’ and that it ‘wasn’t a big deal’.


The future daughter-in-law swore that she gave the newlyweds a baby shower invitation while they were busy cutting the cake, before handing over another invitation.

“Now, I would remember if I got an invite while cutting my dang cake!” the bride wrote. “I just took the card and went inside. I let my hubby talk to them the rest of the time. We did not attend the baby shower. Because of this incident, it has caused a rift in the family.”

The bride went on to comment that it was ‘extremely difficult to not make a scene’ during the reception, but their guests helped by ‘shutting down’ any talk about the baby shower.

The support she received on Reddit was overwhelming, with one person labelling her stepson as ‘rude and classless’.


“Tacky to announce pregnancy at a wedding and just as tacky to hand out invites to another event. Even more so when not everyone was invited!!!” another wrote.

“I thought most people knew not to do anything at a wedding that takes attention away from the married couple…the nerve?? I hope your wedding went well other than that,” a third commented.

“Are they serious? What’s a first class stamp cost, 60 cents? [If there’s] 20 [invitations] that’s 12 whole dollars. Do they reside in a cave somewhere? They are just rude or ignorant or cheap, maybe all three. As for not inviting you, that’s just the icing on their fruitcake,” remarked another.

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