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Frenchie's 'game-changing' sex toy guarantees double the pleasure

When it comes to sexual wellbeing, Frenchie believes that everyone has the right to experience pleasure and joy. The company is committed to promoting an inclusive conversation and destigmatising discussion about sex and sex toys.

In fact, they've asked 300 people from all around the world about their sexual behaviour, their views on sex and contraception, and how they now identify. Safe to say, the results are interesting.

See the full results of the survey here and while you're at it, you can get 20% off Frenchie's toys with the code SUPERSEXY.

Double entendre sex toy
Score 20% off Frenchie's five-star sex toy the Double Entendre. Photo: Frenchie

Sex survey results

As a global average, 30% of participants have sex more than two times per week, with 3.6% preferring solo masturbation.

Participants from the UK ranked as the highest percentage for masturbation frequency, with 100% of the group saying they enjoyed the activity regularly.

In the US, 53% have sex two times per week and 20% have sex more than four times per week.

Couple under sheets with legs exposed
The world's most sexually satisfied people live in the US, according to Frenchie's survey. Photo: Getty


The US ranked as the most sexually satisfied country, with 60% of respondents saying they enjoyed their sex lives. Australia came in second, New Zealand squeezed in third, and the UK was in fourth position with just 28.5% of people revealing they were sexually happy.

The survey also exposed Gen Z as the most sexually satisfied generation, with 53.5% admitting they were happy in their sex life.

"It's normal to get stuck into a routine when it comes to sex, but with the help of Frenchie we want to ensure absolutely everybody feels empowered to experiment their sexual desires in a fun and safe way," says the company's founder Shayne Mele.

Double Entendre

One of Frenchie's most popular and versatile toys is the aptly named, Double Entendre.

Double Entendre sex toy
Frenchie's versatile sex toy is designed to give pleasure to all bodies. Photo: Frenchie

As its name suggests, the Double Entendre offers more than one way to experience pleasure, either solo or with a partner. Don't be fooled by its sleek and simple design, this vibrator includes four-speed settings and six different vibration patterns.

Made from medical-grade soft silicone, the toy is flexible and bendable for simultaneous internal G-spot and external clitoral play.

"The Double Entendre is an extremely versatile device that opens up the conversation of pleasure and play for this new generation of lovers (self or partnered), who like getting a little risqué," Shayne said.

Two hands holding Double Entendre sex toy
Scores of people have given the Double Entendre a five-star rating on Frenchie's website. Source: Frenchie

Oui, oui OUI!

The long body on the Double Entendre allows for easy access from all angles, making this toy a hit with people of all bodies, ages and preferences.

"The Double Entendre is a game changer!" wrote one happy customer. "The bendable feature and adjustable settings combined with internal [and/or] external stimulation means it is perfect for pleasure with female partners or by myself. Self-care has never been so fun. Oui Oui Oui OUI!"

Normally retailing for $90, you can now pick up this toy for just $72. If you're keen to explore more, search Frenchie's entire website to find a range of other unique toys, accessories, bundles and kits.

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