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Shoppers go wild for 'best hair dryer out there'

Finding a hair dryer that doesn't give you dry, frizzy hair in summer can be a challenge but Panasonic's Nanoe range can actually keep your hair hydrated instead of adding to the damage.

The Panasonic Nanoe Moisture Infusing Advanced Hair Dryer maintains approximately 1,000 times more moisture than a regular hair dryer, which protects your locks from damage and lets you dry your hair without dehydrating it.

The frizz fighter infuses your tresses with moisture particles and double mineral negative ions, proven to penetrate deep into the hair and nourish from within.

Woman using a Panasonic hair dryer
Boost moisture and keep your hair healthy with Panasonic's new hair dryer and straightener. Photo: Panasonic

The Quick Dry nozzle generates a strong yet gentle airflow, minimising drying time and reducing tangles, while the intelligent temperature sensor adjusts continuously to prevent heat damage and scalp dryness.


There's even special "Scalp" and "Skin" modes that deliver moisture to scalp and facial skin, so they aren't dry after styling, and the alternating hot and cold mode gives professional salon blow-dry results.

It comes in stylish matte black and rose gold, and has a folding handle so it's travel-friendly.

Panasonic Nanoe Moisture Infusing Advanced Hair Dryer
Panasonic Nanoe Moisture Infusing Advanced Hair Dryer maintains approximately 1,000 times more moisture than a regular hair dryer. Photo: Panasonic

Rave reviews

Look no further than the customer reviews of this product to see just how happy shoppers are with it.

"For me, I love this hair dryer because I can feel this instant change of hair quality after using it. It's soft, light, smooth and moist, like the greasy hair without grease," wrote one customer, before adding, "it is going to give you amazing hair that looks great in volume, shines in colour and super smooth when touching."

"Finding a hair dryer that is gentle enough to blow hair without frizzing and damaging is almost impossible," wrote a second customer. "The majority of hair dryers are too hot and feel like they are burning your scalp and the airflow output is too powerful and blowy. With the Panasonic it has a more gentle airflow and also warm enough to dry hair without being too hot."

"My hair doesn't feel parched when I dry my hair with this hair dryer. It's light enough and we love the extra function where you just need to press a button to make your hair extra smooth and silky," commented a third customer.

A fourth customer simply wrote, "Wish I bought it sooner. The best hairdryer out there."

Straighten in style

The Panasonic Nanoe Hydrating Hair Straightener uses the same technology as the hair dryer, generating super-fine water particles from air holes on the sides of the ceramic plates. These penetrate deep into hair to hydrate and protect it, leaving you with sleek, straight, shiny hair.

Heat is distributed uniformly over the long ceramic plates which means the temperature remains constant, resulting in fast, highly effective straightening that lasts approximately 20% longer than other straighteners. It only takes 30 seconds to heat up, and gets the job done much faster than other straighteners.

Panasonic Nanoe Hydrating Hair Straightener
The Panasonic Nanoe Hydrating Hair Straightener makes straight hair last longer. Photo: Panasonic

The advanced, smooth ceramic plates allow hair to glide through evenly, without pulling or breakages, and its lightweight design is easy to use, with a slim head to conveniently reach roots, and an easy to hold shape with thumb grip. The slanted design allows for easy rotation, and the swivel cord gives unrestricted movement. It's the styling tool for flawless hair all summer long.

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