Dr Chris Brown confirms he turned down The Bachelor but hints at 2022

After years of fan speculation that Dr Chris Brown will star in an upcoming season of The Bachelor, the man himself has confirmed that he actually declined the offer in the past.

The Aussie TV personality revealed the news while joining Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, and also discussed the possibility of fronting the reality TV series in the future.

Dr Chris Brown and Osher Günsberg.
Dr Chris Brown says that he was asked to be the Bachelor a few years ago but turned it down. Photos: Getty/Channel 10

In a game of ‘Name Your Price’, Chris was asked how much money he would have to be paid to sign on to be the 2022 Bachelor.

The Bachelor’s ratings are a little bit down at the moment,” Fitzy began. “There’s talk that the budget has gone even higher and they need an elite Bachelor. What are we talking here Browny? Name your price.”

“I don’t know if there is a price,” the Bondi Vet responded.


Wippa went even further, asking if he’d take on the gig for the hefty pay cheque of $2 million.

“It’s appealing… If you re-open The Bucket List for the finale, I’d probably do it for $20k and a drinks card,” he jokingly replied, in reference to the popular Bondi restaurant which recently closed down.

Dr Chris Brown with a dog.
Chris says that a $2 million check for The Bachelor is “appealing”. Photo: Instagram/drchrisbrown

When asked how many times he has been approached by Channel 10 to be the Bachelor, Chris said there was only “one official” request.

“Then it’s sort of laughed off, like, ‘you might have a bit of time coming up’,” he explained. “Then we have an awkward laugh and an uncomfortable period of time and then it’s not brought up again.”

The 42-year-old went on to add that the first request came “probably four or five years ago”, meaning he could have signed on instead of past Bachelors Richie Strahan or Matty Johnson.

Bachelor Matty J.
Chris could have potentially been the Bachelor instead of Matty J in 2017. Photo: Channel 10

Wippa also pointed out that Chris is probably in competition with another potential celebrity Bachelor to star in the next season - Shane Warne.

“This is why I could never do it,” Chris pointed out. “I don’t want to be the guy that’s standing in the way of Australia having Warnie as the Bachelor.

“Can you imagine that? You couldn’t sleep at night knowing that that’s what you’ve done.”

While the current season of The Bachelor hasn’t lacked in drama nor romance, the series has seen record-low ratings.

Jimmy Nicholson’s premiere episode received only 482,000 viewers, a large drop from Bachelor Locky Gilbert’s premiere seen by 681,000 people last year.

Bachelor Nick Cummins, aka the Honey Badger, received the show’s biggest premiere with 940,000 viewers, while season 3’s Sam Wood has the highest rating finale episode, with 1.48 million people tuning in.

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