Bachelor Jimmy reveals winner’s post-show confession: ‘I had no idea’

It’s time to get your cheeseboards ready because according to the new Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson, the upcoming season of the reality show will include plenty of drama, roses and of course, love.

In an exclusive chat with Yahoo Lifestyle, the 31-year-old pilot from Sydney confirmed that he’s found love on The Bachelor and is excited for him and his ‘chosen one’ to watch their journey play out on screen.

Bachelor Jimmy.
Bachelor Jimmy reveals that there was more drama this season that he was aware of during filming. Photo: Channel 10

“I’m really, really happy to say that we are genuinely in love,” he gushes.

Jimmy was announced back in March as the leading man for the ninth season of the dating series, with fans eager to see a ‘fresh-face’ finding love on TV.

While he assures viewers that they will be happy with the end result, he also teases that there will be plenty of drama along the way - most of which he had no idea about until chatting with his ‘winner’ post-show.

“There was a lot that I wasn't aware of until I finished the show and I was obviously chatting with my girlfriend,” Jimmy reveals.

“She told me a whole bunch of different things that I had no idea happened.

“I'm just like, ‘no, she didn't say that!?’ or ‘she didn’t do that!?’. But that being said, there were also some amazing girls that came on that I will definitely be mates with after this.”


When it comes to dating shows, a popular phrase that contestants often throw around is that someone ‘isn’t here for the right reasons’.

Although Jimmy admits that people often go onto reality TV with ulterior motives and aren’t always ready to settle down, he believes that he’s a pretty good judge of character.

“I think I definitely figured it out at the end,” he remarks. “But even some of the girls that I sent home earlier on, you hear different things now that we’re all finished recording.

“The important thing for me is that the partner I’m with was there for me and that I got it right when it comes to her, but you always get a mixed bag.”

Bachelor Jimmy smiling.
Jimmy says that he and his chosen lady are “both really, really happy”. Photo: Instagram/jimmynicholson

Channel 10 have recently shared new trailers for the upcoming season, featuring contestants arriving on the red carpet via a crane, with a love cake to taste together and a hidden wine bar set up to whisk him away to.

Speaking about his chosen lady, Jimmy says that she definitely made a strong impression on him at the start of filming which progressed throughout the show.

“I don't necessarily believe in love at first sight,” he confesses.

“I think lust at first sight exists where you find someone really attractive, and that's really important, but if you're looking at someone who you actually want to end up with as a partner, there are so many other levels you need to be compatible on for it to work.

“I definitely noticed her early on, but towards the end I knew she was the one for me. And since we finished filming and having spent a fair bit of time with her in secret, it’s really confirmed that for me as well.

“I think that's the true test; when you get out, cameras are off and you see what you’re like with each other. She’s amazing and we're both really, really happy.”

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