Bachelor’s Holly responds to Steph’s C-bomb: ‘I hadn’t done anything’

Bachelor front-runner Holly Kingston has spoken out after fellow contestant Stephanie Lynch called her a c**t on-screen..

Although Holly confronted Stephanie about it at the cocktail party, she denied ever saying the word, despite video footage proving otherwise.

Bachelor Holly and Steph arguing.
Holly says she was surprised at Stephanie’s name-calling because she didn’t think they had any issues. Photos: Channel 10

Holly has now opened up about the incident with TV WEEK, saying that she was shocked when her friends Brooke Cleal and Carlie Hodges told her about the name-calling.

“It was confronting to hear because I honestly didn't think we had any issues,” she said. “I knew I hadn't done anything to Steph.”

The 27-year-old went on to say that while she wanted to avoid chaos and focus on her relationship with Bachelor Jimmy while she was on the show, “unnecessary drama and conflict still managed to surface”.


Fans were shocked to learn that despite the tension between the girls, Jimmy chose Stephanie for the show’s fourth single date.

Holly explained that Jimmy took pride in himself “on being a good judge of character”, so he might have picked Stephanie to see what she was like away from the mansion.

“Would I have picked her? After what transpired, probably not,” Holly remarked.

Bachelor's Stephanie at the cocktail party.
Steph called Holly a “c**t” when she received extra time with Jimmy during the cocktail party. Photo: Channel 10

Contestant Carlie also shared her thoughts on the C-bomb occurrence, saying that it’s important for the women to support each other in the house.

“For some, there is a ‘competitive’ element to the experience, but that doesn't mean we need to call each other names,” she said.

Both Carlie and Holly decided not to involve Jimmy in the drama by telling him about Stephanie’s behaviour so they could instead focus on finding love.

Bachelor Jimmy in a suit.
Jimmy says he was unaware of the majority of the drama that happened during the show. Photo: Instagram/jimmynicholson

The event comes after Jimmy previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that he was unaware of the majority of the drama that happened during the show until he finished filming.

“There was a lot that I wasn't aware of until I finished the show and I was obviously chatting with my girlfriend,” the 31-year-old revealed.

“She told me a whole bunch of different things that I had no idea happened.

“I'm just like, ‘no, she didn't say that!?’ or ‘she didn’t do that!?’. But that being said, there were also some amazing girls that came on that I will definitely be mates with after this.”

The pilot also confirmed that he found his perfect person on the reality show, saying: “I’m really, really happy to say that we are genuinely in love.”

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