Bachelor Jimmy accidentally reveals ‘spoiler’ about show’s front-runners

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If you’re a fan of spoilers, you’d be pleased to know that Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson may have just accidentally revealed a major one in regards to who makes it to the end of the show.

Chatting with Yahoo Lifestyle, the 31-year-old potentially slipped up when disclosing how many contestants he ultimately kissed on the series.

Bachelor's Holly and Jimmy kissing.
Jimmy may have revealed how many women he kissed on the show. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy opened up about the conversations he has been having with his chosen lady while they’ve both been watching the show, including if she already knew how many women he made out with.

“She knew more than I did,” he admitted. “Because they all talk about in the house, so she knew the numbers.

“I think I said, ‘I think I might’ve kissed six of the women’, and she was quick to correct me and say, ‘no it was seven’.”


So, if it is true that Jimmy actually ends up kissing only seven women on the show, that means that the list of potential winners is instantly shorter because he has already kissed seven contestants.

Brooke received the first kiss of the season on their single date, followed by Lily in the rain on the first group date.

Bachelor's Lily and Jimmy kissing.
Lily kissed Jimmy during the photoshoot group date in episode 2. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy and Ash kissed during their date, as well as Carlie when she scored one-on-one time after a group date. In the same episode, Jay also made out with Jimmy when she used her advantage and snuck away to the Business Lounge.

During Holly’s single date, they kissed in the rain, and Stephanie received the most recent smooch when they sat down after their experience in the flight simulator.

Based on this, we know that there are six girls still in the mansion that won’t make it to the end: Laura, Rebekah, Sierah, Stevie, Tahnee and Tatum.

It’s also safe to assume that any potential intruders won’t receive a kiss from Jimmy.

Bachelor's Jay and Jimmy kissing.
Jay has kissed Jimmy in the Business Lounge during the cocktail party and on her recent one-on-one date. Photo: Channel 10

Jimmy’s admission comes after he revealed his biggest regret from the show involving a contestant.

The Sydney pilot says that if he was aware of the drama within the mansion - more specifically when Stephanie called Holly a “c**t” and then denied it happening despite video footage proving otherwise - he would never have selected Stephanie for the show’s fourth single date.

“Watching the show back, I’m looking at it and I’m thinking, ‘no don’t do it mate! What are you doing?! Don’t take her on this date!’,” he confessed.

“Now I’ve seen everything that everyone’s said, and I think it’s important to realise that I didn’t know any of this kind of stuff.

“People might be like ‘get rid of her, get rid of her’, but I wasn't seeing what we’re seeing now back then.”

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