Beauty and the Geek Australia: Where are all the couples now?

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It's been off the air for seven years but the reboot of Beauty and the Geek this year was just the tonic for a year of cancelled holidays, closed state borders and snap lockdowns.

Uplifting, positive and sweet it quickly gathered fans who were happy to see the group of beauties and geeks connect without the pressure to become 'convincing' couples during the run of the show.

The contestants on Beauty and the Geek 2021.
The contestants on Beauty and the Geek 2021. Photo: Nine Network

It really is more about expanding the horizons of both sets of competitors in the hope that it enhanced their lives long after the show stopped filming and viewers loved that fact.

"Fantastic. So realistic, believable, and heartfelt. Not at all staged and contrived. The idea of a 'geek' and a 'beautiful' girl falling in love is so absurd of course. But this show is not a gimmick. Truly marvellous television," John Hammond said in a google review of the show.


"I loved this show. From the very beginning, they were real people," Kathleen Macdonald said in her review on Google. "My heart laughed and cried at the same time. Thank you for what you gave to me during such a hard time... Covid," she added.

"Loved the show. My daughter and I watched it together," Kathryn Carney said on Google. "Sophie was an amazing host. It made us feel happy while in lockdown, thanks for good entertainment."

But do any of these couples really stand a chance at a happily-ever-after with each other?

Here we look at what the couples are up to now that the cameras have stopped rolling.

Runners-Up George and Josie

Josie and George from BATG 2021
Josie and George seemed to genuinely connect on BATG Photo: Instagram/@sirgeorgathy & @josiewerner_

Of the pairs in the final, it was only runners-up George Goldfeder and Josie Werner who admitted they had the feels. Although they got off to a slow start romance wise, they seemed to grow closer as the show progressed giving fans hope for a winning couple that may actually be a real couple.

Alas, they didn't win and they didn't stay a couple either. Boo!

"A while ago I was extremely lucky to have met this beautiful, intelligent and kind hearted woman. We went through some absolutely insane experiences together and I can’t deny that the chemistry and sparks we felt between each other was incredible and real," George said on Instagram.

"It has been a question a lot of people have wanted answered for some time so here it goes. Unfortunately Josie and I aren’t together. We really did try to make things work after the show and for a while it did. But long distance is incredibly difficult at the best of times, throw in the huge obstacles and complexities of a global pandemic and you have a far from ideal situation.

"Nothing will ever change the amazing things we went through or the lessons we learned together. You helped me put myself back together and really find myself again and I hope I showed you just how incredible of a person you are too. I owe you everything.

Josie echoed George's sentiment in a post of her own. "We are not together romantically, but we are and always will be extremely close," Josie wrote on her Insta post. "What we had was very real and we did give things a proper go for a few months after filming finished and it was working for a bit. However, a number of circumstances, especially distance began to make things extremely difficult for a long term relationship. Fortunately, nothing ended badly, things just naturally fizzled out."

"I can honestly say that George has truly helped shape the person I am today. He has shown me what respect is, how to trust, the right way to be treated and how to love myself again. George always has been and always will be an important, cherished and influential figure in my life and one of my biggest role models. He will always be special to me."

But the real question is – was George ever really a Geek?

Josie and George from 2021's Beauty and the Geek
The two beauties? Josie and George from 2021's Beauty and the Geek Photo: Instagram/@sirgeorgathy & @josiewerner_

The martial arts fanatic seemed to have been given a make-under before going on the show so as to appear geekier, at least with his looks. Since leaving the show George has been posting fitness and martial arts videos showing off his ripped physique and all we can say is phwoar!

Regardless, George says being on the show has helped him grow both personally and professionally. "For the first time in nearly 8 years I’m anti-depressant free, happy, fit and healthy! I owe every bit of growth to the amazing people I’ve met and the immense friendships I’ve made over the past few months," he wrote on an Instagram post.

"For the first time in years I’m making strides towards my dream of becoming a stunt man/action hero," he added. Something we'd all like to see, hey Josie?

Bryanna and Kiran

Beauty and the Geek's Kiran and Bryanna
Beauty and the Geek's Kiran and Bryanna looked like they had a chance of true love even though they weren't on the show long. Photo: Instagram/@kiranraoau & @bryannareynolds

Bryanna Reynolds and Kiran Rao's time on BATG was short but sweet. They were the first couple to get together but then they got the boot from the competition - Nooooo!

In a twist that was not expected however, an insider told the So Dramatic! podcast that Kiran didn't want to pursue things romantically with Bryanna once the show was over. "Bryanna was left heartbroken," the insider claimed.

But the couple still seemed pretty friendly on the socials so fans were left with some hope.

Beauty and the Geek's Bryanna and Kiran
Bryanna and Kiran have confirmed they are just good friends. Photo: Instagram/@kiranraoau & @bryannareynolds

On August 6th Kiran posted a picture of a spiderman figurine holding a key engraved with their initials with the comment: "Friends". Bryanna replied: "Cheers to that," breaking fans hearts everywhere who were hoping the pair had managed to make it last out in the real world.

Since then Kiran has shown his appreciation for his time on the show taking to Insta to say: "I have made 19 lifelong friends, been brought way out of my comfort zone more times than I can count, developed a truly special connection with my beauty @bryannareynolds that I never in a million years could have expected."

Meanwhile, Bryanna cryptically posted a pic of herself in a lolly pink dress asking for her followers' opinions. "Too much or not enough for a date night? What’s the saying… Ready to mingle, 💞" she said this week.

Who is the lucky guy?

James and Jess

Jess and James on Beauty and the Geek
Sparks flew for Jess and James on Beauty and the Geek. Photo: Instagram/@human2herocosplay & @jessicataylah

James Letheby and Jess Heatley really seemed like they had a chance at making it – there were genuine sparks, they were both from South Australia and they said "I love you" to each other towards the end of their time on BATG. So much promise!

However, a source told So Dramatic! podcast that journalist Jess reportedly ghosted James as soon as the show finished.

"Jessica stopped talking to James as soon as the show was over, she basically ghosted him. He was devastated as he thought that they had a real and special connection and they were going to continue things on the outside," the insider claimed.

They appeared to have their wires crossed though as Jess was quick to shoot down those rumours.

"Whoever spread that gossip must not know James and I very well," Jess said on Insta.

James then posted images of Jess and him enjoying a day out together in Adelaide.

Beauty and the Geek's Jess and James
Jess and James have recently spent time together in Adelaide. Photo: Instagram/@human2herocosplay & @jessicataylah

"Was so lucky to be able to visit the @vangoghaliveau experience yesterday. If you get a chance to go I'd definitely recommend it. It's amazing," James said on his socials on August 6th.

Neither has addressed the question at hand though – whether they are still together or just friends. Please let them be more than just friends!

And what are winners Lachy Mansell and Kiera Johnstone up to now?

Lachy and Kiera from Beauty and the Geek
Lachy and Kiera have remained close friends since winning BATG. Photo: Instagram/@lachy_mansell & @kierajohnstone

Lachy is making the most of his newfound fame and charming even Kyle Sandilands with guest commentating appearances on KIIS radio. "Such a fun week working on the @kyleandjackieo Show! Learned heaps, got out of my comfort zone and talked about things on the radio I never thought I would discuss publicly 😝," he said on Instagram. "Massive thanks to the @kiis1065 crew for the opportunity. Apparently, I’m back next week."

Kiera meanwhile continues to be Lachy's number one fan and celebrates their friendship.

"HAPPY 33RD BIRTHDAY to my wonderful little lightning Lachy ⚡️💛 May this year inundate you with endless love, happiness, and joy. You deserve all that and more," she said on social media. "I love you more than you love motorsports, and I will never be able to thank you enough for the confidence, surprises and everlasting love you gave me. you were my rock, my confidante and my shoulder to cry on. You will never know how much you truly mean to me," she added.

But it was Kiran that truly summed up this season's Beauty and the Geek. "This show is something different, it celebrates people for who they are, and has changed my life forever."

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