Beauty and the Geek star labelled as unexpected hot geek on TikTok

Beauty and the Geek has already provided some unbelievable makeovers this season, with fans online applauding Kiran and Sam’s dramatic new looks.

However, it turns out one of this year’s contestants didn’t need the show’s help for his transformation into what the internet is calling the unexpected 'hot geek’.

Jackson on Beauty and the Geek.
Jackson now looks unrecognisable after his time on Beauty and the Geek. Photo: Channel Nine

Jackson Palmer and his ‘beauty’ Jessica Antoniou were the second couple to leave the social experiment, but he already looks much different from his time on reality TV.


Jessica (@jessickbish) posted a now-viral video on TikTok where she shows two very different photos of her on-screen partner.

“I had the hot geek?” she captioned the post, adding, “Just kidding already knew Jackson was a cutie”.

Jackson before and after.
Jessica’s video of Jackson currently has over one million views on TikTok. Photos: TikTok/@jessickbish

When Jackson posted the same black and white photo of himself without glasses on his Instagram, he explained that “it’s the same geek, just a blind one”.

The 19-year-old also regularly posts videos on his own TikTok profile, including one from last week where he calls himself beautiful.

Despite his apparent good looks, his Channel Nine profile seemingly determines his status as a geek because of his ‘quirky sense of humour that matches his fashion sense’.

He is also quoted in his bio as saying he has “looked awkward in every photo that has ever existed”.

Jackson on Instagram.
Jackson’s been labelled the unexpected ‘hot geek’ by fans online. Photo: Instagram/@thejacksonpalmer

A number of fans took to Jessica’s TikTok to ask about behind-the-scenes secrets of the reality show and question the legitimacy of Jackson as a ‘geek’.

“Oh got it, ‘Beauty and the Pretend Geek’,” one person commented.

“Who said geeks can’t be good looking too?” Jessica replied. “Jackson is just a lucky geek, that’s all.”

“Do they do a make under before screening?” another asked, to which Jessica answered, “Not that I’m aware of”.

The journalism student also shut down rumours that Jackson is an actor, saying that it’s “not at all” true.

Other followers expressed their admiration of Jackson’s ‘new look’, with many admitting that they now have a crush on him.

“My friends didn’t believe me when I said he was the hottest geek, now look,” a fan shared.

“He looks a bit like a young Johnny Depp,” a second user replied, with another adding, “He did not get enough screen time!”

“So you were the geek,” someone else jokingly wrote to Jessica.

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