Beauty and the Geek star on the ‘highly edited’ scene: ‘Disappointed’

The revamped series of Beauty and the Geek has been praised by viewers for its impressive candidness, from the heartwarming makeovers to the awkward and cringe-worthy dates.

While it seems like the show has decided to bare all when it comes to the contestants and challenges, one participant has revealed otherwise.

Beauty and the Geek contestants.
Beauty Josie Werner (middle) says that one of the show’s challenges was “highly edited”. Photo: Channel Nine

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle, fan-favourite beauty Josie Werner confesses that there was one moment she was “disappointed” to see edited out of the reality show.

The 21-year-old says that the task where the contestants were challenged with hosting a live radio show was “highly edited”.

“They made it look like I froze, but I actually didn’t,” she admitted.


The episode showed Josie staying silent for 12 seconds after her ‘geek’ Lachlan Mansell asked her a question live on-air.

The duo quickly recovered and ended up winning the challenge because of Lachlan’s experience commentating motorsports, but Josie says there was more that happened that wasn’t included on the show.

“From what I recall, I came to Lachlan and I told him that I wanted to talk about fitfluencers,” she began.

“People who say ‘if you buy my program you can look like me’, but half the time they've had plastic surgery and they’re blurring young girls’ vision of what a healthy body is.”

Josie explains that Lachlan helped her in the challenge by creating segues in their conversations that allowed her to talk about the topic she was passionate about.

“I thought that's why we won because it was so on brand, but they didn’t even air it,” she said.

“I guess he still looked like a hero anyway when he saved me. I was a little disappointed when they didn’t air that, but I mean, whatever.”

Beauty and the Geek star Josie Werner smiling.
Josie says that she was worried about how she would be portrayed on the show. Photo: Instagram/josiewerner_

The reality TV star went on to say that there were plenty of things that happened during filming that weren’t aired, but she understands that “there’s a method to the madness”.

"It's different on TV to what I remember on set because sometimes we’d have 20 takes of something, or I’d feel like I said so much and they’d only use one word,” she disclosed.

“I think it’s very important for people to remember that what you see on screen is not always real life.”

Despite the editing, Josie says she’s relieved with how she has been portrayed so far on Beauty and the Geek as she was initially worried that she’d come across as ‘dumb’.

“I kept telling myself, ‘don't be dumb, don’t be dumb. Be the smartest beauty’,” she said.

“But I didn’t even have to think about that when we were away filming because the whole concept is so different. It's about positivity and empowerment for both the women and the geeks, bringing each other out of their shells and finding connections.

“For me, it worked out quite well, and I think so for everyone else too. No one’s a villain, there are no bad people. It’s just funny.”

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