Beauty and the Geek’s George and Josie share relationship update

After weeks of fan speculation over whether or not they are still a couple, Beauty and the Geek’s George Goldfeder and Josie Werner have finally broken their silence.

The show’s runner-ups took to their Instagram on Sunday night to share an update on their relationship status, confirming the sad news that they are no longer together.

Beauty and the Geek's George and Josie
George and Josie were one of the few couples in the competition to have a romantic connection. Photo: Channel Nine

“A while ago I was extremely lucky to have met this beautiful, intelligent and kind-hearted woman,” George began his lengthy post alongside a photo gallery of the two of them.

“We went through some absolutely insane experiences together and I can’t deny that the chemistry and sparks we felt between each other was incredible and real.

“Unfortunately Josie and I aren’t together. We really did try to make things work after the show and for a while it did.”


The Melbourne-based Geek went on to say that they struggled with the long-distance, with Josie living in Sydney, and the current Covid lockdown situation only made it worse.

“We are both happy and in a great place as friends and I still feel such a fierce connection to you Josie,” he added.

George ended his caption thanking his Beauty for the lessons they learned together and for helping him find himself again.

Beauty and the Geek's Josie and George kissing.
George says he still feels a “fierce connection” to Josie. Photo: Channel Nine

Josie shared a similar post on her social media, saying that they are “not together romantically”, but will always be extremely close.

“Nothing has changed except for the romantic side of things and feelings,” she wrote. “I consider the Dungeon Master to be one of my closest friends who I trust with my life.

“What we had was very real and we did give things a proper go for a few months after filming finished and it was working for a bit.

“Fortunately, nothing ended badly, things just naturally fizzled out.”

The 21-year-old also thanked George for helping shape the person she is today and teaching her about respect and trust.

Beauty and the Geek star Josie's Instagram posts
Josie says that George is one of her closest friends who she trusts with her life. Photos: Instagram/josiewerner_

A number of the pair’s co-stars took to the comments to applaud them for their honesty, including this year’s winner Lachlan Mansell.

“So happy for both of you,” he wrote. “Romance is nice, but deep, life-long friendship is more important in many ways.”

“You two are both beautiful and amazing human beings, and I know how hard this has been! You both deserve the world!” replied Kiran Rao, who recently shared his own update on his relationship with Bryanna Reynolds.

George and Josie’s posts come shortly after she spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle and shut down rumours that her on-screen partner broke up with his long-term girlfriend to go on the show.

“He told me about his girlfriend of three years, but he didn't tell me he broke up with her to go on the show,” she revealed. “That’s not true. I really don’t think that’s true.”

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