Beauty and the Geek’s Josie shuts down rumours about George

Since the show’s premiere, George Goldfeder has become a fan favourite on Beauty and the Geek for his fierce love of Dungeons & Dragons and martial arts.

The 27-year-old quickly sparked a romantic connection with his beauty Josie Werner - even sharing their first kiss on Sunday night’s episode after a couple of awkward failed attempts - however, recent claims have questioned the legitimacy of this season’s ‘geek’.

George posing.
George has been accused of being an actor and lying about his past relationships. Photo: Instagram/sirgeorgathy

While George’s dating history has been described as ‘pretty minimal’ on his Channel Nine bio, news recently emerged that he broke up with his girlfriend of three years a few months before he began filming the dating show.

A source close to the former couple previously told Yahoo Lifestyle that George started dating actress Chanel Rodway after meeting as students at Perth-based acting school WAAPA in late 2017.

The long-term pair lived together in Melbourne and shared a cat named Milkshake before George called it quits in late 2020.

George and Chanel.
George and Chanel together in 2018. Photo: Instagram

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Lifestyle, George’s on-screen partner Josie has now shut down rumours that he broke up with Chanel just so he could appear on Beauty and the Geek.

Josie says that George was honest with her during their time on the show and she already knew about his ex-girlfriend before the news emerged earlier this month.

“He told me about his girlfriend of three years, but he didn't tell me he broke up with her to go on the show,” she revealed.

“That’s not true. I really don’t think that’s true.”


Josie went on to say that the pair trust each other “100%” and confirmed that they have stayed in contact post-show.

“We’re in a good, healthy spot,” she said.

George and Josie.
George and Josie are currently in a “good, healthy spot” after filming Beauty and the Geek. Photo: Instagram/sirgeorgathy

George’s acting past

Fans were surprised to learn that George, who works as an ‘escape room game master’, has previous experience as an actor.

As well as studying at WAAPA, he has a page on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) and at least two short film credits to his name.

While viewers have suggested that George is a hired actor for Beauty and the Geek, Josie says these rumours couldn’t be any more untrue.

“He’s actually a geek, he really is,” she said. “I think I would know, I spent the most time with him.

“He actually has really geeky hobbies and interests, he's into comics, he’s into martial arts. He runs this YouTube channel for Dungeons and Dragons, which is the geekiest thing I've ever heard of or seen or played in my life.

“And I could tell he was geeky too because he did lack some knowledge about talking to girls and sometimes he couldn't read me and I did have to teach him about confidence. It’s not like he knew what he was doing the whole time.”

George's headshot.
Josie says she knew George had studied acting. Photo: Instagram/julian_dolman_photographer

The 21-year-old student admitted that George had told her that he studied acting, but said that it’s just a hobby and “not his main source of income”.

“It’s also kind of sad to see people hating on him because he’s an actor. So what if he is? It did not phase me. I know the real George. George is a geek.

“It's a jealousy thing because obviously he is an attractive geek, but he can’t help his genes. People will find anything to try and make someone look bad.”

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