Beauty and the Geek’s Kiran updates fans on romance with Bryanna

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Kiran Rao and Bryanna Reynolds melted the hearts of Aussie viewers when they were the first couple to kiss on the revamped season of Beauty and The Geek.

While they left the reality show confessing their attraction for one another and hoped to maintain a relationship on the outside world, Kiran has now shared an important update.

Beauty and the Geek's Bryanna and Kiran
Bryanna and Kiran were one of three couples to find a romantic connection on the show this season. Photo: Channel 9

Taking to his Instagram, the freshly made over 30-year-old announced that the once-loved up duo are now simply just “friends”.

“I value my continued friendship with Bryanna, and we talk every day. Bryanna is extremely important to me, and has been for the last several months,” he began the lengthy post.

“However (and some people may be disappointed to learn this) we are not currently dating.”


Kiran went on to admit that the pair did ‘date’ for a short period of time, but it was hard finding time to see each other.

"What I found particularly difficult about dating someone you met on reality TV is at some point you need to try to figure out what was reality and what was TV,” he wrote.

“What happened between us was real as far as I am concerned, but I also kind of felt like a lab rat in an experiment who was suddenly released back into the wild. I had no idea what to do.”

Beauty and the Geek's Kiran and Bryanna selfie
Kiran says that he struggled to realise “what was reality and what was TV” post show. Photo: Instagram/kiranraoau

The law graduate added that he began to feel anxious and insecure after he didn’t get to spend much time with Bryanna during the finale.

“Two days later I sent Bry a text asking for a ‘reset’ - so we could explore our relationship on the outside as friends without the baggage of the show.

“You could say this message ended our relationship, but it would be incorrect to say I didn't like her. If anything my anxiety was due to the fact I liked her a lot, and this was my attempt to figure out what our new relationship on the outside could look like.”

Since the show, Kiran says that they’ve had a “really healthy, three-dimensional friendship” where they try to meet up fairly regularly.

“The romance may be on pause, but our friendship has never been stronger,” he acknowledged. “Thank you Bry for everything.”

Beauty and the Geek's Kiran and Bryanna on the show.
Kiran says his friendship with Bryanna has “never been stronger”. Photo: Channel 9

While Bryanna is yet to publicly respond to Kiran’s post, a number of their co-stars expressed their love for the duo in the comments, including winner Lachlan Mansell.

"You’re two of the most genuine people I’ve met and I’m so lucky to have you both as friends, and I’m glad you’ve been able to have an open conversation and get to a place where you’re both happy,” he replied.

“You two deserve the world,” Jessica Antoniou added.

The post comes after beauty Josie Werner confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that she and George Goldfeder have stayed in contact post-show.

“We’re in a good, healthy spot,” she said.

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