Bachelor Jimmy ‘disappointed’ with his ‘fame-hungry’ contestants

Jimmy Nicholson is reportedly ‘disappointed’ with the contestants from his season of The Bachelor after learning that some of them only went on the show to become famous.

According to Daily Mail, a production insider has claimed that the 31-year-old pilot knew there were a number of women who weren’t there for the right reasons.

Bachelor Jimmy with a rose.
Jimmy was upset that some of his contestants didn’t go on the show to find love. Photo: Channel 10

The source says that Jimmy was able to tell when the girls were “putting on an act” and hyper-reacting when the cameras were nearby.

They also claim that the leading man wasn’t sure if his bachelorettes had “enough depth” to them or if they were just saying what he wanted to hear so they could stay on the show.

Group of Bachelor contestants.
Jimmy believes he’s a good judge of character when it comes to working out which contestants have the right motives. Photo: Channel 10

The comments come after Jimmy admitted to Yahoo Lifestyle that people often go on reality TV with ulterior motives, but he believes that he’s a pretty good judge of character.

“I think I definitely figured it out at the end,” he explained. “But even some of the girls that I sent home earlier on, you hear different things now that we’re all finished recording.

“The important thing for me is that the partner I’m with was there for me and that I got it right when it comes to her, but you always get a mixed bag.”


While it may be true that some of The Bachelor’s participants are hopeful of an influencer career in the future, the dating series attracted only 360,000 metro viewers on Wednesday night, which is its lowest ratings ever.

It comes after the premiere episode received only 482,000 viewers, a large drop from Bachelor Locky Gilbert’s premiere seen by 681,000 viewers last year.

Bachelor Nick Cummins, aka the Honey Badger, received the show’s biggest premiere with 940,000 viewers, while season 3’s Sam Wood has the highest rating finale episode, with 1.48 million people tuning in.

Bachelor Locky.
Jimmy’s season has had a large drop in viewers since Locky’s last year. Photo: Channel 10

Despite the ratings ‘flop’, the current season of The Bachelor definitely hasn’t lacked drama.

Holly Kingston, who is currently the hot favourite to win Jimmy’s heart according to betting agencies, was caught up in a feud with a fellow contestant last week after Stephanie Lynch called her a “c**t”.

Stephanie denied that she ever said that word when confronted at the most recent cocktail party, despite the fact there was video footage proving otherwise.

The Bachelor continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10

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