Bachelor 2021 spoilers: The woman set to win Jimmy Nicholson's heart

This year's highly anticipated season of The Bachelor hasn't even begun but we already know that the man of the hour, pilot Jimmy Nicholson has found his true love.

“I’m really, really happy to say that we are genuinely in love,” the 31-year-old told Yahoo Lifestyle in an exclusive interview.

The Bachelor Australia 2021 Jimmy Nicholson wearing a tuxedo in front of a light aircraft. Photo: Channel 10.
The Bachelor star Jimmy Nicholson has found love - but with which lovely lady? Photo: Channel 10.

The Bachelor 2021: Who wins?

But with a bevy of beautiful, smart and strong women to choose from, which bachelorette ended up capturing Jimmy's heart and becoming his co-pilot?

Several betting agencies have unveiled their predictions for the winner and, it goes without saying, there are potential spoilers ahead!

Sportsbet has marketing manager Holly Kingston tipped to win at $1.95, followed by occupational therapist Brooke Cleal at $5.

Flight manager Chanel Tang, who wows Jimmy with an in-flight demonstration with a difference on night one, rounds out the top three at $7.


The Bachelor Australia 2021 contestant Holly Kingston, 27, Marketing Manager wearing a yellow dress
Marketing Manager Holly Kingston, 27, is the hot favourite to win Jimmy's heart. Photo: Channel 10.

TAB also has Holly, 27, as the frontrunner at $1.15, with speech pathologist Ashleigh in second position at $8.

Registered nurse Hannah, who considers herself a real-life Bridget Jones, is in third position to win at $10.

The show is pre-recorded months in advance and while every effort is made to keep the identity of the winner under wraps until after the finalé goes to air, leaks can and do happen.

Whoever Jimmy finds his happily ever after with, he assured Yahoo Lifestyle that fans of the show will be happy with the end result.

He also teased plenty of behind-the-scenes drama along the way — most of which he had no idea about until chatting with his 'winner' post-show.

The Bachelor Australia 2021 contestant Brooke Cleal, 27, Occupational Therapist wearing a black lace dress
Could Brooke Clean be the one for Bachelor Jimmy? Betting agency Sportsbet thinks so. Photo: Channel 10.
The Bachelor Australia 2021 contestant Chanel Tang, 34, Flight Manager wearing a black sequin one-shoulder dress
Flight Manager Chanel Tang wows pilot Jimmy on night one. Photo: Channel 10.

"There was a lot that I wasn't aware of until I finished the show and I was obviously chatting with my girlfriend," Jimmy said.

"She told me a whole bunch of different things that I had no idea happened.

"I'm just like, ‘no, she didn't say that!?’ or ‘she didn’t do that!?’. But that being said, there were also some amazing girls that came on that I will definitely be mates with after this."

Jimmy begins his search for his fairytale ending — with a little help from host Osher Günsberg — when The Bachelor premieres 7.30pm Wednesday, July 21 on Channel 10.

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