Bachelor Jimmy fumes over show’s editing: ‘They’ve stitched me up’

Two weeks into the latest season of The Bachelor and leading man Jimmy Nicholson has already expressed his frustration over the show’s editing.

The 31-year-old has confessed that producers have made it look like he’s kissing the contestants more frequently than he actually did in real life.

Bachelor Jimmy in a suit.
Jimmy says he made sure he only ever kissed one person per day during filming. Photo: Instagram/jimmynicholson

Jimmy’s on-screen pashes were brought up on Nova’s Fitzy & Wippa, where the radio hosts awarded him a “gold medal for tongue work”.

Jimmy explained that he had a rule going into the show - which he calls his “get out of jail free card” - to only ever kiss one person per day.


However, the show’s editing often combines a number of events into one episode.

“It looks like there’s a lot going on but that was filmed over multiple days,” he said. “They’ve stitched me up! I’m kissing like three people per episode.

“I’m getting messages from mates being like, ‘jeez the tongue is getting a bit of a wiggle isn’t it!’ Sorry Mum!”

Jay and Jimmy spent the majority of the cocktail party together in a hidden room with no interruptions from the other girls. Photo: Channel 10
Jay and Jimmy spent the majority of the cocktail party together in a hidden room with no interruptions from the other girls. Photo: Channel 10

One of Jimmy’s recent kisses was with contestant Jacinta ‘Jay’ Lal, who has an advantage that allows her to take the Bachelor away from the other girls during the cocktail party for one-on-one time.

Her use of the advantage in Wednesday night’s episode caused outrage among viewers after she spent the entire evening with Jimmy in the ‘Business Lounge’, preventing other girls from getting access to him.

During their time in the hidden room, Jay blindfolded the Sydney pilot and made him taste different foods from New Zealand. Jimmy was also instructed to remove items of clothing if he incorrectly guessed what an item was called, which lead to the pair making out.

Look, we weren’t in there for half an hour,” Jimmy insists after watching the show’s portrayal of the mini-date.

“But I must admit, I never thought I kissed anyone at a cocktail party and I was convinced I didn’t, even last night, and then I watched it back and thought, oh I forgot about that. Whoops.”

Jay on The Bachelor.
Jay previously admitted that it wasn’t love at first sight when she met Jimmy. Photo: Instagramm/jacintalal_nutritionist

Jimmy’s comments about Jay come shortly after she told The Daily Telegraph that she didn’t feel it was “love at first sight” when they first met.

“I have never ever experienced love at first sight,” she admitted.

“I can see an attractive guy and know he is good looking or hot, but it is not until I really get to know the person that I can see whether there will be a future.”

Jay is currently a favourite in the betting odds to win the show, behind front-runner Holly Kingston.

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