Bachelor Jimmy left a secret note for Brooke Blurton in the Bach pad

New Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson has already shown his camaraderie with upcoming Bachelorette Brooke Blurton before either of their seasons have even aired.

The 31-year-old pilot revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle that he left a secret note for Brooke when he wrapped filming and said goodbye to the so-called ‘Bach pad’.

Bachelor Jimmy and Bachelorette Brooke.
Jimmy left a note in the ‘Bach pad’ for Brooke to read when she started filming her season. Photos: Channel 10

Speaking about his contact with the 26-year-old - who has only just started filming her season of the dating show - Jimmy says he wrote a letter for her to read when she arrived at the residence.

“I heard the Bachelorette was going to be staying in the same place I was,” he began. “So I left her a note on the fridge, not knowing it would be Brooke at that stage.”

As for what the note contained? Jimmy shared his words of advice and gave a warning about an intruder that would make surprise on-set appearances.


“I just said, ‘Welcome to the Bach pad, I wish you all the best on your journey and I hope you find love’,” he recalls.

“‘The people in the production are amazing, you're in safe hands and just be yourself’. I think I said, ‘eat well and exercise’.

“And also, ‘there's a cat that turns up at the house every now and then. We’ve named him Juice World. He’s very friendly, you can feed him’.”

‘I need to warn people’

The ‘secret note’ comes not long after Bachelor star Brittany Hockley admitted that she left her own hidden message in the mansion for future contestants.

Speaking on her podcast Life Uncut in May, the 33-year-old disclosed that she left a ‘cheat sheet’ for the upcoming cast of The Bachelorette in the hopes that they’d follow her advice.

Bachelor star Brittany Hockley.
Bachelor star Brittany Hockley, who was a finalist on the Honey Badger’s season, said she also left a secret note in the mansion. Photo: Instagram/brittany_hockley

“I was like, ‘Oh my god, I need to warn people.’ So I wrote a note, it was like, ‘Run now, trust no one.’ I was like, ‘F**king everyone's out to get you, people will pretend to be your friend and they’re not,’” she described.

Brittany said she hid the note under the slats of one of the top bunk beds with the “tiniest bit of paper” sticking out so they couldn’t miss it, but she still has no idea whether or not someone found it.

‘She’ll be awesome’

Jimmy goes on to explain that after it was announced Brooke would front The Bachelorette for 2021 - becoming the first openly pansexual star of the show and the series’ first Indigenous lead - he contacted her on social media.

“Because you’re going through similar scenarios, you can see how former contestants bond because it's quite a unique thing that you go through,” he details.

“I think Brooke is going to do a great job, she'll be awesome. I’ll be looking forward to watching her season as well, which will be a really interesting one I think.”

Former Bachelorette Sophie Monk previously shared her words of wisdom for Brooke with Yahoo Lifestyle, saying it’s important to be yourself on the show.

“I think she's pretty confident and she's got it down,” the Beauty and the Geek host admitted.

“When do you get to be in an opportunity where there's a whole room of people that just want to date you? That doesn't happen a lot.

“I think she’s got it. Just be honest and be yourself and it'll work out.”

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