Bachelor viewers divided over ‘unfair’ cocktail party advantage

One contestant’s tactic to obtain extra time with Jimmy has divided viewers of The Bachelor, with many deeming it ‘unfair’.

During Wednesday night’s episode, Jacinta ‘Jay’ Lal outraged her fellow bachelorettes when she stole the Sydney pilot for the entirety of the cocktail party.

Jay using her key.
Viewers were annoyed when Jay used her key to the ‘Business Lounge’. Photo: Channel 10

The 31-year-old was given the key to the ‘Business Lounge’ after making a strong impression on Jimmy during their first meeting, which means she is allowed to take him away to a hidden room to spend some much fought over one-on-one time together.

Under the rules, Jay is allowed to use this advantage during every cocktail party throughout the season for as long as she wants.


However, moments before Jay made her move, the other girls collectively decided to establish a ‘Girl Code’.

“Guys, we’re going to let Jimmy decide tonight who he’s going to speak to, rather than all pounce like absolute psychopaths,” Laura announced to the group.

Bachelor Jimmy looking shocked.
Jimmy was shocked when he heard that the girls had decided not to fight over him during the cocktail party. Photo: Channel 10

The agreement was short-lived when Jay used her key just a few moments after Jimmy started speaking with his first girl, Lily.

“This isn’t part of the etiquette that’s been spoken about,” Carlie said. "I assumed that the ‘Jimmy picking’ was for the evening”.

“At the end of the day, Jay has the key and if you’ve got it, use it,” Holly counter-acted. “All is fair in love and war.”

In the business lounge, Jay blindfolded Jimmy and made him taste different foods from New Zealand. If he incorrectly guessed what an item was called, he was instructed to remove an item of clothing.

Naturally, things got steamy pretty quickly and the pair spent the rest of the cocktail party in the room together making out.

Bachelor Jay and Jimmy kissing.
Jay and Jimmy spent the majority of the cocktail party together in a hidden room with no interruptions from the other girls. Photo: Channel 10

While the show’s other participants were ‘pissed off’, viewers also shared their opinion of Jay’s move online.

“Jay was mean preventing other ladies speaking to Jimmy at the party,” one person tweeted.

“I know Jay can use the key at anytime, but she could have waited an hour or so into the night instead of interrupting the very first girl,” another added.

“Jay must be very insecure to do this," someone else wrote, while a fourth shared, “She's very annoying now!”

Other fans of the show praised Jay’s decision and said she was allowed to use her advantage however she wanted.

“I’m actually so proud of Jay,” a viewer commented. “Girl went after what she wanted. Everyone’s just salty she didn’t respect a pact that she had no obligation to. Sitting quietly doesn’t build connections or get you a rose.”

“Why are they all so pressed Jay used her advantage on the night they all decided they’d do nothing? Girls, is it your first time experiencing the franchise?” another remarked.

A third wrote: “Good on you Jay, it’s The Bachelor. Girl Code isn’t a thing.”

“They're all annoyed that Jay used this key to the business lounge like they wouldn't all do the exact same thing themselves,” a different user pointed out.

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