Adorably sassy Kmart fan goes viral

When Jamie-Lee Johnston shared a TikTok video of her daughter telling her mum she "wants to go to Kmart" she had no idea it would receive such a huge reaction.

Like many people, Ayla Johnston loves a trip to Kmart, but unlike most Kmart fans, she's only two!

An adorably sassy Kmart fan has gone viral on TikTok after arguing with her mum about where they were going. Photo: Getty
An adorably sassy Kmart fan has gone viral on TikTok after arguing with her mum about where they were going. Photo: Getty

Jamie-Lee shared the video on TikTok, captioning it, "When you’re [two] and already have a love for Kmart."

In the video, Ayla sits in her car seat and tells her mum, "I want to go to Kmart."

To which Jamie-Lee quickly responds, "We're going to Coles."

Ayla's face instantly drops in disappointment, as she doubles down, telling her mum, "Kmart!"

Two-year-old Ayla was upset about being taken to Coles not Kmart
Ayla was immediately disappointed when she was told she was going to Coles, not Kmart as she'd been hoping. Photo: TikTok/jamieleejohnston

After being told once again that they're going to Coles, Ayla says, "Kmart, not Coles," with an angry nod.

"We're going to Coles," Jamie-Lee says once more, to which Ayla responds, "No! Kmart!"

They both begin laughing and the sassy two-year-old finishes by putting her sunglasses on upside down – adorable.

Unsurprisingly, the post has been viewed almost 70,000 times and received almost 10,000 likes.

One TikTok user commented, "Me arguing with myself on the way to work."

Another joked, "You can see the light die from her eyes the first time you said Coles."

"The upside down sunnies really sold it for me," someone else wrote.

Ayla put her sunglasses on in the TikTok video about Kmart
Many commenters loved how the very sassy Ayla put her sunglasses on upside down at the end of the video Photo: TikTok/jamieleejohnston

A fellow mum revealed she had a similar problem with her five-year-old, "My [five year old] screams 'Yes my favourite shop!' Every time she sees Kmart... takes after me thankfully."

Another user said, "This is my internal dialogue on the [regular]."

Someone else joked that Kmart should be paying Jamie-Lee for the advertising.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Jamie-Lee said Ayla has always enjoyed going to the shops, but her Kmart obsession is just beginning.


"Her love for Kmart started this year and now as soon as we drive near the complex she knows 'Kmart' even if we are going to Coles, we end up at Kmart 98 per cent of the time," Jamie-Lee said.

Unsurprisingly, one of her favourite things to buy from Kmart, is sunglasses.

"She loves the toys, especially the little surprise toys you can get there. Or sunnies, she loves to dress up and sunnies are her favourite," she added.

Jamie-Lee Johnston and her daughter Ayla
Jamie-Lee revealed to Yahoo Lifestyle she had no idea people would react the way they did on social media, saying friends and family keep sending her the video when they see it shared elsewhere. Photo: Supplied

When asked if Ayla was always so sassy, Jamie-Lee joked, "Yes! Always sassy, it’s tiring sometimes!"

She also revealed that she never expected it to get the huge reaction it received, “I wasn’t going to share it to begin with – I made it on Snapchat – and then thought it was too funny not to share and I’m surprised at how many views/shares and likes it’s had."

Jamie-Lee added that she was most surprised to receive a comment on the video from TikTok user Nat Alise, who shares content about her life with her two children.

"Nat Alise on TikTok commented on the video, 'She is my spirit animal...' I was super shocked considering she is a verified account and I love her content!

"I am also surprised it is still being seen and being shared on the Kmart Facebook pages. I’m always being tagged in them by friends and family [saying], 'Ayla's famous again'."

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