'Next level' Kmart meal prep hack stuns

When it comes to staying organised with family dinners and keeping grocery costs down, one woman has nailed both thanks to a genius hack using two bargain Kmart items.

Amanda took to a Kmart Hacks Facebook group to share her weekly meal organisers, using $3 clear trays and the $3 chalkboard weekly stickers from Kmart.

Kmart meal prepping solution
Amanda's clever Kmart meal prepping solution has gone viral. Photo: Supplied/Facebook

“Thank you Kmart for my new weekly meal organisers,” she captioned the image showing her fridge with ingredients separated into a container for each day.

Amanda tells Yahoo Lifestyle she had always prepped meals previously and out them in the freezer, but grew tired of eating frozen meals.

“While cooking dinner one night I found it annoying trying to find everything I wanted to put into dinner only to realise later I missed an ingredient that had nowhere else to go so ended up going to waste as a lot of things do when you have a full fridge,” she tells us.

“So I went down to Kmart and grabbed the drawers which were a perfect fit for my fridge. I LOVE labels so I was checking around to see if there were any weekly labels but there wasn’t and then I had the idea that I could use the chalkboard wall sticker and just cut it to size!

“That way every week I can just rub them off and write the new meals in. It's worked great so far, I only hand wash them as I'm not sure how they would go in the dishwasher, but I keep everything in little containers so they only ever need a little wipe out.”

kmart clear trays
Amanda used trays to organise her meals. Photo: Kmart

Amanda’s post was quickly flooded with hundreds of comments and received over a thousand likes, with plenty of people even comparing it to meal delivery services like Hello Fresh or Marley Spoon.

“Excellent idea,” one person commented.

“This is how organised I’d like to be one day! What an amazing hack,” was another response.

While a third person said: “Now that’s taking organisation to the next level. Love it!!”


grocery shopping
Amanda has been able to save $100 on average on her weekly shop. Photo: Getty

Amanda says thanks to the trick she has also been able to save on average $100 a week on her grocery shopping.

“I was spending $250+ a week for a family of three and a lot of it ended up in the bin so I thought that's it! I'll only buy specific ingredients for the week and have them bunched together,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“My recent shop was $150 and I have enough for over a week! Which is huge compared to before.

“I write out my meals and the ingredients before I go shopping and group the ingredients into sections like meat veg etc so it's easy to shop for them without getting distracted.”

And she also says an added benefit has been keep track of her any leftovers.

“If there are any leftovers I put them in a container and back into their organised tray that way I can eat it for lunch tomorrow or whenever and I know when it was cooked because it's in the tray with the day listed, so no more loosing track of leftovers either!”

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