Kmart shoppers go wild for $10 'instant coffee table'

A savvy Kmart shopper has come up with a simple trick to turn her lounge armrest into an ‘instant coffee table’ - and it almost looks like something straight out of a designer catalogue.

Taking to a Kmart hacks Facebook group, the woman revealed she had simply slightly modified the store’s Wood Wide Serve Stand - generally used as a serving tray - and placed it over the armrest of her couch so she could have her cup of coffee directly next to her.

kmart coffee table hack
Hey presto! An instant coffee table. Photo: Facebook

“Although I have a coffee table, I wanted something I could sit my coffee on without having to get up all the time, especially on these cold mornings,” the woman wrote.

“$10 serving board from Kmart, re-drill the base to fit the arm of your couch and presto! A sturdy and stylish coffee holder.”

Fellow shoppers were quick to praise the hack.

“Love it. Stealing this idea, thank you,” one person commented.

“Brilliant idea,” was another response.

kmart wood wide serve board
The wood wide serve board costs just $10. Photo: Kmart

The idea spread quickly with plenty of people revealing they had also had the same thought and already tried the trick at home.

“Unscrew and move the width of your couch arm for a snug fit. Now I don’t have to reach for the coffee table,” another handy shopper shared back in April.

While another said: “We have one on either side of our lounge and it fit without having to adjust!”

And a third made another great suggestion: “Also a great laptop table when you have to work from home.”

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