Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend tease X-rated career plans following hard launch

The couple didn’t hold back when asked about their sex life on a tell-all podcast.

Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Adam Hyde.
Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde opened up about their sex life and future plans in a tell-all podcast interview. Photos: Instagram/itsalotpod

Just a few days after officially announcing their new relationship to the world, Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Adam Hyde have opened up about their sex life. The couple confirmed on Tuesday that they have been dating for the past few months following plenty of speculation from fans (and a very X-rated ‘soft launch’ photo).

During the latest episode of Abbie’s podcast It’s A Lot released on Friday, the pair answered a series of burning questions from listeners about their relationship, sex life and future plans. While they disagreed on what to name their future children - with Adam keen on ‘Zip’ and ‘Bongo’ and Abbie set on ‘Charlotte’ after her great-grandmother - they had the same stance when asked if they’d ever create a sex toy together.

“Yes, I want to,” the Peking Duo musician replied instantly. “I want a c**k ring that doesn’t move around too much with the vibrator bit… We’re gonna make a sex toy together collaboratively and launch it with the best sex tape you’ve never seen.”

“We make some pretty hot sex tapes,” Abbie replied, to which Adam agreed, “We make the best sex tapes that you could even imagine”.


The couple, who first met in 2022 when Abbie interviewed Adam for her radio show Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield, went on to say that they have been having “a lot of sex”.

“We’re f**king a lot,” the FBoy Island host spilled. “It’s not that it’s lots of times in a day, it’s that every time that I see him, we’re f**king.”

“Lately it’s been really good,” Adam added.

Abbie Chatfield and her boyfriend Adam Hyde kissing.
Abbie and Adam said they have been having ‘a lot of sex’. Photos: Supplied

While the couple gushed about their new relationship in a two-part podcast episode earlier this week, which was recorded while they were in LA, they also revealed that Adam had recently been diagnosed with skin cancer. The musician said that he had received a call from Australian Skin Cancer Clinics in Edgecliff saying he had to have surgery to remove it.

“[The doctor] said I have a double cancer in my neck, he used those exact words,” he recalled. “I’m going to get the full surgical treatment done, we’ll be sweet.”

“We think it'll be okay and it's not melanoma,” Abbie added, urging her listeners to get their skin checked.


Despite the health scare and other external pressures over the past few months, Adam said they have been having “a really f**king good time” in their relationship.

“We’re so in love and we love talking about it,” Abbie remarked. “Not only are we so in love, but we also have a really healthy relationship which I think is very rare.”

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