Abbie Chatfield details first sex party experience: 'Overwhelmed'

"I walked in and a bartender recognised me which wasn't very conducive to horniness."

Abbie Chatfield has opened up about attending a sex party in her first effort to feel more queer as she navigates dating as a bisexual woman.

Taking to her podcast It's A Lot, Abbie detailed her experience of attending a sex party with friends, all of whom were going for the first time.

"I went to pre-drinks before [the party], I was very nervous," Abbie shared. "I was like do I bring vibrators, do I not? Do I bring toys, do I not?"

Abbie detailed she wasn't really drinking, so upon getting to the venue where the party was held, she was full of nerves and quite overwhelmed.

Abbie Chatfield
Abbie Chatfield has opened up about her experience going to a sex party. Photo:

'Like a virgin'

"Then we go to the sex party, there were lockers, I walked in and a bartender recognised me which wasn't very conducive to horniness," she said.

"So we go downstairs, people are getting smacked and stuff, in a consensual way and it was fun except I turned into like... a virgin. I was so nervous, I didn't think I'd be so prudish. Not judging, but overwhelmed and overstimulated."

Abbie said while she was open to hooking up at the party, the environment wasn't quite one that easily lent itself for that to happen for first-timers.

"My goal was to go there and have some queer interactions and flirtations," she said, before explaining the music was too loud so it made it hard to get to know people through conversations.


"I think what it is, the orgies begin with couples having sex, or people who have already been dating each other or people who have come with their play partners," Abbie explained. "And they all begin the orgy and people add themselves into the orgy."

She also said being recognised made her take a step back when it came to experimenting.

"My options are to go into an orgy with complete strangers who I've never spoken to, but I didn't feel like doing that for a first time. And at this point, have been recognised four times."

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