Abbie Chatfield speaks out after posting X-rated relationship 'launch': 'Shocked'

One follower described the raunchy post as 'gross'.

Abbie Chatfield has sent her followers wild after she officially ‘launched’ her new relationship on social media with a very raunchy selfie. Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the 28-year-old media personality posted a photo of herself smiling with her face next to her boyfriend’s crotch.

“Semi soft launch,” she captioned the snap, referencing both her relationship status and the size of her partner’s manhood.

Abbie Chatfield posing with her face next to her boyfriend’s crotch.
Abbie Chatfield has ‘launched’ her new relationship on social media with an X-rated selfie. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie’s post was quickly flooded with a mix of comments, including MasterChef star Khanh Ong who wrote: “Omfg omfg. Can you send me the full raging hard launch in DMs thanks.”

“That’s a semi soft? Oh well done babes,” one fan replied, followed by another who added, “If this is the soft launch, will Instagram allow the hard launch pic?”.

“I’d let that hang my curtains,” a third shared, while others said the post was “hilarious”, “comedy gold” and “the best announcement ever” and Abbie should try stand-up comedy “if this media personality gig doesn’t work out”.


Meanwhile, some people were critical of Abbie’s post and questioned whether her partner was indeed “semi soft” in the photo.

“Why does it look hard then,” one man questioned, to which Abbie replied, “Because he has a huge c**k”.

“Kinda looks like a hard launch if you ask me,” someone else remarked, with Abbie responding, “Trust me it’s not”.

“This is gross,” another follower wrote before Abbie quickly clapped back, “SORRY WE ARE HAVING FUN IN MEXICO AND IN LOVE CHOOK”.

Abbie Chatfield on her Instagram Story.
Abbie said she was ‘shocked’ by the response to her raunchy snap. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

Abbie defends controversial post

Shortly after breaking the internet with her spicy post, Abbie took to her Instagram Stories to say she was “shocked” by the response to her snap and wanted to “clarify” some things.

“That photo, we didn’t think it was really c**k-centric. We just thought it was a funny pun,” she said in the video, while her boyfriend added off-camera, “I was horny”.

“I was like, why is everyone acting like it’s a photo of your c**k? It’s just pants. Maybe I’m just used to the bulge,” Abbie continued. “But what he wants you to know is, what did you say? ‘I was horny and I was thinking about you sucking my d**k in that photo so maybe it translated’.”

Abbie first announced on her podcast It’s A Lot in March that she had begun dating someone she had known “for a couple of years” and was crying every day because of how happy she was.

“He’s so emotionally intelligent, I feel so safe. He’s so supportive,” she said. “He’s so sexy. He’s so funny. He’s like an electric person to be around.”

Abbie Chatfield and Adam Hyde at the Australian Grand Prix.
Abbie’s Instagram post from March seems to confirm that her new boyfriend is Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde. Photos: Instagram/abbiechatfield

While the FBoy Island host chose not to name her boyfriend, she did reference an Instagram post with the mystery man where “the caption said ‘friends’ in capital letters”.

Looking at her Instagram, Abbie posted a gallery of photos from the Australian Grand Prix in March featuring Peking Duk’s Adam Hyde - who is wearing a white singlet identical to the one in her “semi soft launch” snap.

“Fun Grand Prix w FRIENDS!!!!!!!!! Zoom zoom zoom etc,” she captioned the post.


Meanwhile, Adam, who releases music under the name Keli Holiday, seemingly confirmed on Thursday morning that he is the man featured in Abbie’s recent post by commenting: “Who’s c**k is THAT?”.

“I think you may know who it is. BTW love you guys as a couple. So cute!” a fan replied, while another said, “You both deserve so much happiness. Love you guys together”.

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