TikToker's genius kitchen hack to avoid messy spills stuns: 'This feels like magic'

From spills to skills: TikTok's clever hack for pouring liquids without a funnel.

Kitchen hack. Photo: TikTok
The viral TikTok hack teaches how to master the art of spill-free pouring. Photo: TikTok/@finallyjordan

TikTok is a treasure trove of kitchen hacks and home tricks, but one recent revelation has left viewers both amazed and amused.

A TikTok user posted a simple yet ingenious trick for pouring liquid from one bottle to another without a single spill, and followers were shook by its effectiveness.

The video begins with a nod to a previous, more complicated method involving bowls, funnels, and inevitable spills. But then, the TikToker steps in to offer a better solution.


"There is an absolutely easier way to do this, let me show you," she says confidently.

Armed with a big jar of liquid, she demonstrates how to pour it into a smaller bottle using a technique she learned from her days as a nail tech.

"This is something I learned, we'd constantly have to refill our supplies, and I would spill everything everywhere," she explains.

Without a funnel, she acknowledges the challenge, but has a clever workaround. "If you don't have a funnel, and don't want to make a mess, I would recommend either using a chopstick or a straw," she suggests.

Inserting a chopstick into the smaller bottle, she demonstrates the method. "You're gonna take your liquid and butt it right up to [the chopstick], and then you're just gonna pour," she explains.

"This is going to give your liquid a path to travel down directly into your container without spilling and without use of a funnel," she concludes triumphantly. "That my friends is a clean pour."

With nearly 6 million views and almost 700K likes, it's clear she's onto something that resonates with people's daily struggles in the kitchen.

While some viewers claimed to have learned similar techniques in high school chemistry, most were genuinely amazed.

One person commented, "I love when people learn and can apply the properties of adhesion and cohesion in their lives," giving a nod to the science behind the hack.

Kitchen cleaning hack
The chopstick provides a narrow pathway for the liquid to flow down, preventing spills by guiding it directly into the container. Photo: TikTok/@finallyjordan

"The way my jaw dropped," one person wrote in astonishment, while another added: "This is so smart, omg I love you."

"This is giving engineer," commented a third.


"Ma'am, my flabbers are once again ghasted."

"I do the pour with confidence and pray method," laughed someone else.

"This feels like magic," said another, before one person concluded, "this girl needs a Nobel prize."

So, if you've ever struggled with messy pours, grab a chopstick and give this hack a try - you might just be amazed at the results!

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